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College and school essay writing is a type of activity which you will be often involved in within your studies. This is why you should not compromise on the quality of the papers written, as in most cases you course grade will depend on it to a great extent. Despite the professors spent much effort to teach the students how to write a good essay the common mistakes appear from paper to paper. Here is a list of the college essay mistakes so you can point out your own spots of consideration for your essay writing experience:

College Essay
  1. Paper written out of a topic.

    When you write your college essay according to all the specifications but you fail to fit it into the topic assigned, be sure to get a zero grade for this school paper. The professor might appreciate your efforts but will not be able to mark the paper missing the most vital component – relevance to the topic given.

  2. Wrong paper format.

    College essays are special for following a certain referencing style in comparison to other types of writing. Remember that once you are involved in the process of academic paper writing you are in the strict frames regarding the essay formatting.

  3. Grammar issues.

    Paying much attention to the school essay format, students tend to forget about such basic requirement as a proper grammar.

  4. Instructions are not followed.

    Creativity is a great thing but when you are at college you need to follow the rules when it comes to essay writing. Every paper assigned goes with a set of requirements ignoring which can be penalized by reducing mark for your work. That is when you might consider buying college essays. To do that you can simply send us a request “Write my essay for me” and get your custom essay delivered within the time frame mentioned. Here you can find the detailed list of the services which we deliver.

Basic Essay Writing Services Offered

Custom Writing Service

Our custom essay writing service offers a range of services when you are asking us ‘write my paper online’. Depending on the amount of changes needed in your draft or the total elaboration of the writer on your paper topic, we have distinguished such types of services as writing from scratch, rewriting, editing and proofreading. Note that amount you pay for essays will mainly depend on the type of writing service selected.

Type of service

Percentage of writer's work


Write my essay from scratch


This type of service presupposes that the writer completes custom essay from zero basing on the requirements given in the order form, paper instructions fields and attached as files. You may provide you topic or let the writer come up with their own. All the papers written from scratch are run through our plagiarism detector for you to be sure that you are buying an original essay.



Rewriting service suits for the cases when there is a written college or school essay but it requires much elaboration (up to 70%). For sure, the college paper for sale will be changed to a large extent. The customers usually use this service when they have got the comments from the professor and need the paper to be revised.



The principle of this type of service is similar to the rewriting one but still there is a difference in the rate of the changes. Here you can get no more than 30% of your paper modified, therefore, you should consider selecting this service for small issues in the essay.


5-10% (no exact percentage set)

In case you feel that your written original essay just needs a little polishing like grammar mistakes fixing and writing style revision, the proofreading service is what you need. That can be the last step before your paper submission.

Business Writing: When Might You Need This Service?

Resume Writing

Apart from writing essays, our customers are contacting us for such issues as content writing, resume and CVs completion. This type of service differs from academic writing as it usually has distinctive standards and requires special attention from the writer’s side. Therefore, in case you need any type of writing for job application, any other admissions or content to be written you are to select business writing type of service in the order form. There is also an option for cover letter writing that allows the customer to pay a piece of writing that should be attached to the application in most cases. All that makes us perfect Write My Paper website for you.

Additional Features for Custom Essay Writing

Our cheap essay writing service offers the customers 5 additional features that can be found in the order form. When you are about to buy an essay you definitely want it to be perfectly written with all the details kept in sight. If you feel that just the writer’s work is not enough to meet your demands, you can select one of the following services for making sure that the paper’s quality is at the highest level:

Essay Writer
  1. The category of writer.

    All the writers cooperating with our company are the professionals in their fields. What is more, the writers that we hire are the holders of Master’s or PhD academic levels and can confirm the ability for the highest rate academic performance. However, sometimes the customers have special requirements to the writers. For such cases, we have the additional writer’s categories that require extra payment to the total order’s price:

    • Top writer. This category will require you to pay +25% for assigning one of the best writers from our service. The top writers are selected according to the grades that our customers placed for the custom essays written, the lowest number of revisions and the highest satisfactory rate.
    • ENL writer. The additional payment for this writer’s category is +30%. When you request an ENL writer, the specialist from the Top category who is a native speaker will be allocated to write your essay. Please, note that we have also the ESL writers as a lot of international students are using our services for cheap non-plagiarized essays.
  2. Turnitin report.

    The non-plagiarized custom essays are a great concern of the modern students due to new policies regarding paper’s originality and academic dishonesty. If it is found out that the paper is unoriginal you risk to be academically disqualified. For this reason, we recommend our customers to pay additionally for the Turnitin report which is a proof of the paper’s originality level. Our service allows checking the originality by comparing the essay with the others previously submitted through the system, and with online sources but without saving it to the general database which assures that your work will be detected as non-plagiarized essay during the second submission.

    Plagiarism Detecting System
  3. Writer’s samples.

    To buy online essays, you need to have certain assurances of their quality before you receive the whole work otherwise you risk to lose your payment and time that is spent on paper completion. For this matter, we have the writer’s sample service where you can order one of the previous writer’s works and check their manner of writing, quality, and language proficiency. This will just keep you assured that you are cooperating with the professional. Please, note that the writer’s samples are selected randomly and you will be getting one of the previous papers completed by your writer disregarding its topic, referencing style etc.

  4. Editor’s services.

    The paper’s perfection is a big deal when it comes to especially important works. The writing professionals all over the world recommend that written essays get reviewed not only by the writer but by other people to have a fresh look. If you buy editor’s services additionally to your order’s setting, you will get the paper reviewed by a professional Editor from our company who will get assured that:

    • all instructions are fulfilled;
    • the paper does not contain plagiarism;
    • all the sources are cited and referenced correctly;
    • there are no grammar, punctuation, and stylistic issues in the paper.

    What is more, there is no extra time needed for the writer to check the paper: all these services will be delivered within the deadline which you set for your order.

  5. Summary of the paper.

    When the customer is paying extra charge for the paper’s summary the writer will deliver about 1 page where the whole work is summarized and the main points are highlighted in brief. In case the customer specifies that the summary should be presented as an abstract we can surely fulfill this request and provide the paper’s preview at the beginning. Usually, students buy summaries for the lengthy custom essays when a brief overview of the paper has to be added for submission.

PowerPoint Slides: Service for Visual Representation of Your Ideas

Presentation Writing

Today, we are living in the age of presentations: the papers are usually not just written and submitted but should be presented to the audience with the most interesting points uncovered. This is done to trigger a discussion and get everyone involved in the work that has been performed. Also, the presentations are useful for visual demonstration of the concepts that you explicate: most essays do not let you add the multimedia pieces but you can perfectly use them in the presentation: images, graphs, videos and audio recordings can be added to your PowerPoint file and will make your presentation more thought-provoking and attention-grabbing.

  • How to order a PowerPoint presentation? When you want to buy a presentation at our writing service you are just to indicate the necessary number of slides in the required field and specify your instructions.
  • Speaker’s notes. In case you have a requirement of adding the speaker’s notes to your presentation do not forget to specify this in the paper instruction field. Otherwise the writer may not write them and deliver just a presentation itself.
  • Slides and pages. Remember to check the cell with the number of pages. In case you want us to write just a bare presentation change the number of pages to 0 so you will avoid additional payments.

Cheap Essay: Academic and School Essay Writings

Cheap Essay
‘Will you write my paper for me cheap?’

We have good news for you: cheap custom essays are not only easy to buy but they are also even cheaper than you could imagine. First of all, one should note that the prices offered by our service are ones of the fairest in the custom essay writing market nowadays. Secondly, all the customers without any exceptions can get the discount, thus have the price for their order adjusted. It does not matter if you are the first-time user or our loyal customer: we are happy to provide everyone with the most suitable discount code in order to satisfy them with the cheap price.

‘Where do I get a discount to write my essay cheap?’

All you have to do in order to receive the discount is to send the message to our support team “write my paper with a discount” and be sure to get the code for adjusting the price to your needs. Apart from the live chat, you may contact our support team through email or phone and they will surely help you with the best price calculation.

Promo actions: make sure that you check the emails which you receive from our service. We do not send out the adverts to fill your email box with the unnecessary information but provide you with the promo codes for different occasions that are quite higher than regular discounts which you can get from the support team. They work only for the limited time: hurry up to buy your cheap essay at best price! See, every time you input query ‘write my paper online’ you will eventually discover our custom essay service as most cheap and reliable.

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