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Privacy Policy

Once the customer decides to make an order with our service they will be asked to share some personal details such as name, telephone number and email address. Although this information is essential you can always stay anonymous when ordering our services.

There are certain reasons why we ask for your personal info:

  1. Personal account. In order to personalize your account and collect all your experience with we need to get certain personal information from your side.
  2. Website’s upgrades. As we are striving for making the interface and functions of our website easy to use we need to get customers’ feedbacks about them.
  3. Service enhancement. Our service is built on the communication with the customers; and the success of our cooperation depends on mutual understanding.
  4. Payments for products. As our services are delivered online we work with the paying means that allow payments with the cards and online accounts. For this reason, some personal information is necessary to receive in order for the transaction to be processed. The customer can be sure about the information safety as guarantees it.
  5. Contacting you. The process of our service performance and delivery is dynamic – in many cases we need to get the customer’s clarifications or additional files. Sometimes, we have to get in touch with the customers regarding their payments for orders or free inquiries. This is why the phone number and email are asked as they are the easiest ways to reach you.

Information Protection by

In order to make sure that your personal information is kept in safe we utilize a number of means.

One of them is SSL – the Secure Socket Layer system, which we run the customer’s information through. The entire customer’s payment information is coded in our system and can be accessed with the limited range of personnel that has signed an agreement about confidentiality.

The details about payment (financials, cards, billing addresses) are not stored at the servers of ours.

Cookies Usage

Cookies were developed in order to make the cooperation with the customers easier. They help to recognize your previous experience with the website by sending the files from provide to your hard drive and sending them in there. You should not be worried about Cookies application as your agreements will be always asked before they are used.

Our company utilizes these files for the purpose of your web-browser recognition and some other information that makes our cooperation more convenient for both sides.

Information Disclosure

The customer is given a guarantee about the information confidentiality: we do not share it with the third parties and provide an access to it only to the people that are authorized and confirmed their confidentiality.

There are some imperative reasons for information revelations such as conforming the laws, enforcing the policies of and protecting the rights of ours.

Only the non-personal information can be shared in exceptional cases like advertising, researches, marketing, surveys etc.

Children are protected

We have agreed to comply with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) which claims that online services cannot get any information from the individuals under 13 years old. Therefore, we are obliged not to collect any personal details from children younger than 13 years and are unable to provide them with our services.

Privacy through the Online Means

This privacy policy should be considered exceptionally for the cases of information gathering through the online means. If you have passed your information offline you are not protected by the stated policy.

Terms and Conditions of

For your convenience, we have created a separate page at the website where all the terms and conditions can be read. The process of the website usage and governance is explicated in there.

Privacy Policy Updates

When we make any changes of this policy they are explicated on this page.

The last change of the Privacy Policy was03/02/2016.

Revision Policy

As we understand that perfection requires much efforts we provide our customers with the free and unlimited paper’s refinement. This revision policy regulates all the possible cases connected with the paper’s adjusting. Here are the most important points, which you are to know about the revision process at

  1. Sending a revision request. Nothing can be easier than a revision request at our service. In order to get your paper amended the customer has just to log in to their personal page and send the message to the writer and the necessary time limit for revision. Also, this can be done through the revision request form.
  2. How to provide the instructions for revision? The customer will be required to provide detailed instruction for the paper’s refinement, which will not oppose any of the points that were stated in the initial instruction. As the requirements’ change are charged additionally we will ask you to proceed with payment if you provide new instructions or complementary ones.
  3. Getting unlimited and free revisions. We give our customers a fair opportunity to get their work adjusted without any payment within 10 days after it has been delivered to their personal page at All the requests that are sent after the 10 days period expires require extra payment. The customer will be informed about the additional charge needed.
  4. Getting a new writer assigned. We help our customers in getting the satisfactory works by various means. One of them is writer’s reassignment – the option, which lets you get a new writer if you manage to prove that your first writer was unable to fulfill your instructions. However, there is certain restriction for getting this option – the customer must have at least 3 revisions performed before requesting a new writer.
  5. Possible time frames for revision. We appreciate the customers’ understanding of the necessary time for a proper revision completion and providing us with the maximum deadline. Please, note that the minimum deadline for revision for the orders with 4, 8 and 12 hours is 2 hours. If your order’s deadline is longer the minimum revision time required is 3 hours.
  6. Progressive delivery. As we are aware of the fact that some papers requires a lot of time for checking certain orders that are placed for 30 pages and more have the chance for getting refined for free within first 20 days after the first revision.
  7. Revision and refund. If you are going to open a dispute claim on your order, please, make sure that you have had minimum 1 revision for your order with the urgent (4, 8 or 12 hours) time frame, or 2 revisions for the orders with longer time limit. There is a set period of time for the dispute review, which is 7-10 days as such cases demand a thorough examination.

Terms and Conditions

Our services

Our company is mainly deals with the academic assistance, which means that we provide a range of services like writing from scratch, business writing, proofreading, editing and rewriting. If you need to select the necessary service, please, check the first field of the order form. We oblige our customers to check our terms, conditions and policies before ordering our products.

Main terms used:

Here is an explanation for the notions, which you may come across on our page.

  1. “We”, “Our”, “Company”: these words are used in reference to
  2. “You”, “Your” and “Customer” are the terms that we use for denoting a person that is making a purchase at our website. Before making a purchase, one must read and agree with our policies, terms and conditions. The decisions and choices, which are made by the customer, are under their responsibility only since the policies are confirmed.
  3. “Website” means our online page
  4. The term “Product” refers to the paper or the result of any type of service, which you are able to order with our company. The various types of products, which we deliver, exist; they are research papers, tests, dissertations, essays etc. We oblige our customers to use the received products for the reference purpose only. The product, which you order, are delivered to the customer’s personal account at
  5. The word “Order” is defining an act of the customer’s filling in the order form and the results received. All the requirements to the product are chosen and explicated in the order form. The only way to place the order is to fill in the order form at our website and proceed with the payment. No orders are accepted via phone, email or live chat.

Terms and Conditions Consent

On this page you can read the agreement between the customer and regarding the website usage and governance. Once the customer visits our page, the terms and conditions and policies come into force. Together with placing the order, the customer agrees to respect our Money Back, Privacy, Revision Policies, and Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Terms and Conditions Agreement

At any time, we are able to modify the stated terms and conditions. Also, we can post the notice about the changes made at any reasonable time. In order to be aware of the new implementations in this agreement the customer has to visit our website regularly, which bounds the clients to the modifications acceptance.

License and Site Access

We provide our clients with the limited license of access towards, as well for its personal purposes’ usage. Neither the website’s content, nor any of its parts are allowed to be modified or downloaded. It can only be done in case the customer received a written consent from our manager.

No website’s copying, selling, duplications or reproductions by other parties are tolerated in our company. Only in case the written permission from our company is given the mentioned acts can be performed.

We do not tolerate any downloads and website copies for the purposes of merchantability.

Completeness, Promptness and Accuracy of Information

We do not guarantee that the materials, which you can find in here are valid, prompt or full. General information is the only purpose of our posts. If the customer decides to reply to any information it is happening and their personal risk exceptionally. If you find any historical data at, please, refer to it as to reference material. In case we need to change any content of the website we might not notify the customers about it. If you want to be updated regarding all the changes, please, make sure that you monitor the website’s modifications.

Description of the product and pricing

We do not assure that the description of the products and website contents are valid, complete, accurate or updated. The customer must send a revision request if the delivered product does not correspond to the requirements provided by them. The revision policy is explicated in a separate section.

When you want to check the price of your desired product, please, refer to the Pricing page. All the product prices are indicated as retail and are never changed. In case the price is too high for you the adjustment of it is possible according to the discount policy of our company. If the price which you get in the order form does not correspond to the actual cost of the work our support team will contact you via email or phone for future clarifications and issue resolution.

Framings and Links

Our proprietary graphics and logo cannot be used by any party if there was no written consent from management.

Website’s content is not allowed to be copied as well as images, trademarks and logo cannot be framed with the exception of receiving the written permission from our company’s manager.

In case you find any hyperlinks at the external website, that links to our website, or the hyperlink at our website, please, note that we do not take any responsibility regarding this website quality, nature and content. Therefore, you are visiting all the external resources at your personal risk only. In this agreement, the customer confirms that the responsibility for using external resources and their outcomes is on the customer solely.


Here are the important points regarding the ordering process and materials usage:

  1. In order to provide plagiarism-free papers we cite and reference all of them properly. The formats, which are most commonly used, are APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago Turabian. In case you need any other format, please, send an inquiry to our support team.
  2. The products, which we deliver, are created by the team of our freelance writers. The products purchased from are under property of our company and are allowed to be used for reference or research purposes.
  3. The services, which you pay for, are work performance, research, information gathering, corrections and delivering. We are working for the purpose of educational access.
  4. All the products must be deleted by the customer after they are needed for research or reference no more. We prohibit the customers to use the products for personal need, copying and distribution.
  5. The acts like copying, posting, changes, exploiting and derivation are prohibited by our company as well.


The website exists on “as available” basis, which means that all the uses by customer are happening at their personal discretion. If the company decides on limiting the certain customer’s access to the website it can be done at any reasonable time for us. All types of warranties implied and express are rejected in this terms, taking into account the warranties of profitability and appropriateness for a certain aim stating that the materials at our site are safe and the warranties if performance or dealing course; including the warranties of not damaged and error-free website access at any time, the virus-free character of our servers and website, timeliness, validity and accuracy of the posted materials. If you decide to download any materials through our website, be aware of the responsibility that you are taking. In case any damage to your data or computer is made you are the one who is responsible for that although the safety of the website is guaranteed. If any damage or information loss occurs the customer has to resolve the issue by his own.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

All the customer’s titles, rights and interests that are not set to the rights are covered by the Corporate Intellectual property rights, which means that the customer must not possess any other rights, titles and interests with the exception of those that are mentioned in this Agreement.

Such actions as decompilation, adaptation, modification, disassembling and derivation are prohibited as well as source code deriving from documentation and services. We do not allow the creation or attempts of the same services with the help of our information or program.

Company’s and Customer’s Confidentiality

After the order is placed by the customer we receive the confirmation of information non-disclosing once it is received from the company’s team, customers, writers etc. Allthe materials published at the website are the property of

From our side, the customer’s personal data is protected by our Privacy Policy.

Non-assignment of rights

The rights to the personal account at our website are unique, which is why they cannot be allocated to any other person. From our side, we take a right to assign the explicated agreement to any one at any reasonable time for us.


Once the customer starts using our website the Terms and Conditions Agreement comes into force. This is also applied for the cases of reviewing the posts, order placement and any other personal utilization. We do not consider any party’s violation renouncement as the future or previous violation of any facility.

Severability of terms

In case any decree of the law or judicial decision states that the mentioned Terms and Conditions cannot be enforceable they will be applied to the maximum extent, which is possible under this condition. The terms and conditions remainder remains valid in accordance to its sense.

Agreement to Email Notifications

There are different cases that require email notifications to be sent. Hereby, you agree to get such emails, which, however, can be unsubscribed at any time.

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