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Money Back Policy

The service, which we are providing, is professional and safe. Basing on the policies, that are customer-friendly and fair, we were able to serve our clients for more than 5 years. Every order lets us improve our quality as we take into account all the customer’s demands and specifications.

The customers can feel safe when ordering with us as we protect their payments with the money back policy. Here you can find all its points explained. The customers are eligible for opening a dispute on their order and getting their payment back. Most dispute cases are connected with the misunderstanding, which, however, we are doing our best to avoid.

  1. The process of opening a dispute.

    After you open a dispute on your order we will pass it to the Dispute Department, which will elaborate on it within next 7 or 10 days. The length of dispute review is connected with the complexity of the dispute case and the individual details of every order. It is highly recommended that the customers stay in contact with us while the dispute case is reviewed as it helps to make the process more effective.

  2. Situations when you can request money back.
    • Two similar orders placed / payment is made twice. This case pre-supposes full refund in case the customer pays two times for the order or makes two identical orders at To get the refund, the support team must be contacted by the customer.
    • No specialist was found for the order’s completion. There are more than 700 writers, which we cooperate with and are able to find a professional for 99% of orders. However, some orders’ requirements are too specific or the time limits are too tight, which is why we might be unable to complete them. In case this problem occurs we guarantee 100% refund. Our team will inform you about the case as soon as possible and, moreover, will provide you with the discount code for your future papers with If it appears that there is no writer for your revision you can contact our Dispute Department regarding the issue.
    • Late submission of the completed paper. Our company guarantees that you will get the completed task within the time frame, which you indicate as a deadline in your order form. However, if there is some violation of this the reasons for lateness must be clarified. In most cases, it is caused by the customer’s late delivery of additional files or clarifications, which are necessary for the successful work performance. In case this is not the reason for order’s lateness we can provide the partial refund in the following situations:
      • If, for instance, your order’s deadline is 4 hours and the delivery was late for 17 minutes or more you can get the payment recalculated according to the pricing for the longer deadline and get the rest refunded.
      • When the time frame of your order is 7 days or more and the lateness happens 10% refund is possible. Under this circumstances, the customer has to ask for a refund by sending a request to the DD of
    • Time for a refund request. The customer is enabled to request the payment back only within 10 days after the work has been delivered. Later requests are not accepted; please, follow this time frame.
    • Extension of the time limit. If we ask the customer for more time in order to perform the work according to the highest level quality and the customer agrees to give such an opportunity to us, no refund requests for lateness are accepted.
    • Refined paper sent after the time limit set by the customer. If this issue happens to you it can be solved through contacting our Dispute Department. It should be noted that revisions are impossible if the customer starts the refund process. If you insist on disputing the lateness of the revision we are able to offer up to 15% of your payment.
    • Customer’s dissatisfaction by the paper. Our company is striving for the highest level of paper’s quality. When the customer claims that he or she is not contented by the work performed the case will be resolved by our DD. A thorough assessment will be conducted by our DD manager and the appropriate solution will be offered. We encourage our customers to send detailed and full dispute emails to our DD as they are necessary for proper refund evaluation.
    • You have received the first variant of the work and it has not been approved so far. If you find any points that do not satisfy you unlimited and free revisions can be provided for the period of 10 days after your paper has been delivered to you. Also, you are eligible for opening a dispute if you are able to provide valid arguments and proper proofs for the paper being not satisfactory. Up to 100% of refund is possible.
    • The last paper’s variant is delivered and approved. Once the customer approves the order (automatic approval happens in 10 days after the paper is delivered) we are not able to provide the customers with the full payment refund but only 30% can be sent back.
    • Order’s cancellation and refund. In case your decision is to cancel the order the refund amount will depend on the order’s progress at the moment of your request.
      1. if you request cancelation after the paper has been written (even if it happens before your time limit expires) we are unable to send the payment back.
      2. When more than Ѕ of your time frame passes and you decide to cancel your order the refund of 30% is available.
      3. 70% payment refund is available when a customer cancels the order after the writer has been allocated and half of the time limit has not passed so far.
      4. You can get your payment refunded completely when the writer is not allotted.

Important note! The customer has only 10 days for free revision requests and order’s disputing. Later requests are not reviewed as the paper is automatically approved after 10%. Paid revisions are only possible in such cases.

  • High percentage of similarity. The papers which we deliver are guaranteed to be original and based on the customer’s demands. If there is a claim from your side about the plagiarism, please, send it together with the similarity report from the Turnitin system or your educational institution. We do check the papers on the plagiarism issue via our own system but only Turnitin enables you to get the most accurate results. In case you decide to submit the paper of yours through it before the college submission, please, remember that it will be saved to their database and shown as copied during the second check.

  • Refund of additional order’s features. There are certain features in the order form, which the customer can pick additionally: they are editor’s service, the sample of the writer, turnitin report and paper’s summary. All these points are non-refundable. The only feature, which you can get payment back, is the Top or ENL category of the writer only in the cases when writer is not assigned.

    Once you need more information about any money back policy’s rule you can get in touch with our support team at any time.

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