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Image of a Teacher in the XXI Century

Teacher at the Blackboard

Teacher profession is not unanimously regarded as either positive or negative. In fact, there are two mutually exclusive points: working as a teacher as something really out of fashion or retrograde, on the one hand, or teacher as a wisdom guide and a creator of different breakthroughs in lives of other people, on the other hand. So, Essaytwist’s judgement follows: what are the most widespread teacher incarnations now and perhaps for the years to come, whether it’s still worth being a teacher, and in which versions exactly.

Old-Fashioned School Teacher

Ironically, a person who helps us grasp lots of things for the first time in our lives suffers from the worst image possible. Even if sometimes it doesn’t happen this way, teachers at a school are often prototypes of socially disadvantaged groups, although, of course, it varies from one country to another. The thing is that in many aspects school teachers become more or less equal with their university colleagues, or at least there’s no profound gap between them in terms of wages. 

Nevertheless, the image of a school teacher is not to die for, and responsibilities are numerous, both on factual and ethical levels. What really counts, though, is who is the author of deprecating some professions, and aggrandizement of other walks of life instead. The most likely candidate here is the pervasive “marketing thinking,” judging everything from a monetary perspective.

Some University Superstar

Another striking teacher’s embodiment is some talented university professor spending hours at the libraries and giving extraordinary lectures. No one can catch a breath of admiration and entrancement at his or her sight, his or her wisdom fascinates men and evolves into sex appeal when it comes to women.

If you take troubles to describe them in a college essay, it is going to be easy due to their distinctive qualities. And your admiration, of course.

Yes, that’s almost a caricatured cliché, though you may very well encounter such a bloke just at your local academic institution nearby. Some local superstar. Some real shiner. What you’ve got to do with it? Love and respect, of course. Don’t get me wrong, such people can really be incredible in their breadth and life experience, but this image is quite a drag we’re sick and tired of. Maybe too much Woody Allen for us to feel indifferent?

Life or Business Coach

Well, that’s a high level. That’s really a top-notch specialist. At least he or she is absolutely sure of that and doesn’t feel any remorse to enhance his or her image this way.  Even if it’s arrogant or self-pretentious at first glance, nothing can really stop him or her, as here’s the case where the world itself helps you, as Coelho once masterfully put it (sort of).

Being successful is an excuse for everything, and such a specialist sells success and his or her personal life hacks for achieving it (hmm, are they really personal?). If how we call these people doesn’t make you laugh immediately, think about any sectarian guru and the way you feel in front of him or her. Hard to tell? Well, only in that case, maybe, you should give it a try.

Of course, what we demonstrated here is nothing but an oversimplified version of what it is like to be a teacher. Between strict limits of these incarnations, there are always just people: good-heartened, hard-working, loving their students. They always make this profession what it is: worthy, honorable, rewarding, though often underestimated by others, of course (who and when remembers our teachers after graduating? Not everyone, and only when talks come to turbulent youth, then, in jest, we do revisit memories with teachers). And that’s how things actually are: teachers work with future lives and shape them with their own skills that means that this profession goes along with how lots of philosophies view human condition as such, and that’s where unconditional gratification lies for all teachers, as little or even nothing in life can be compared to seeing your fosterling make his or her first steps towards maturity and independent thinking. 

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