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Face to Face with the Project


Many students and adults, who write a social project for the first time, often face a problem: how to start? After all, this is the concentration of the most diverse information within the chosen topic. Maybe to start with the goals of the project? Or its tasks? Or to write a brief resume first and only then start writing? However, all such proposals are only partially true. Therefore, we stop guessing, but carefully read further, because below we clearly tell you how to start writing a social project on any topic.


In general, the projection process is a very responsible thing. Especially it concerns various calculations. An error in paper can lead to an irreparable mistake in life in the future. Therefore, always be responsible for writing projects, and, in particular, for various kinds of calculations.

However, we turn to the direct consideration of the project. Let us still clearly determine how to start writing it. As we said above, many people offer to start either with a goal, or with a mission, or with tasks, etc. There is something in this viewpoint. However, all these elements are somehow severely torn away from each other. Do not you think so? It would be nice if, as a starting position in the writing of the project, all the elements would act immediately at once.

After all, you will agree, when such basic things as the goals and objectives, the definition of the urgency of the problem are coordinated at the very beginning, then further writing will be conducted cheerfully and with skill. So, after all, what can unite all these components together? What will help create the "skeleton" of the project?

The culmination... This integrator is ... meet – the logical framework of the project.

What is the logical framework? This is a kind of "skeleton", to which all other components of an effective project are "threaded". This is the basis of the basics.

What Is the Logical Framework of the Project?

For the most part, it consists precisely of those sections that were listed above in this article. In order to have your own logical framework about the logical framework of the social project in your head, we will also draw down the main components of this framework.

The main components of the logical framework are:

  • 1. The problem (the relevance of the project)

    Within the framework of this section, the problem and the relevance of your project are described. The problem is a specific description of the aspect of modern life that is not satisfactory to you (a negative phenomenon), indicating the significant factors that cause and support this phenomenon.

    For example, you may not be satisfied with the catastrophic spread of drug addiction in the territory of your city among the youth. This is a vivid example of the description of the negative phenomenon associated with the lack of positive ideals among young people, an attractive image of a sober life.

    After describing the problem, the person (expert) who will read your project must understand that it is needed and the problem requires an early resolution. The description of the problem should be objective, based on facts and have references to proven sources. It would also be nice to tell about the forecast of the negative consequences of the development of the current situation in the statement of the problem.

    Among other things, the problem can be denominative, causal and antithetic.

    Denominative character: a complete description of the negative event is given.

    Causal character: the causes (both objective and subjective) of the arising negative phenomenon are revealed and the consequences of this phenomenon are determined.

    Antithetic character: (comparison "yes, but…") – indicates a reference to some resources that can be used, but are not used, specific facts and activities that have not yielded any results are given.

    Summarizing the intermediate result, let us say that the whole project follows from a well-formulated problem.

    We hope that you have already started to understand what constitutes the logical framework. It is always difficult to start writing a project, but with the knowledge that you will learn in this article, you will be able to write not one dozen different projects. And if you want to speed this process, you can always go to and place an order.

    We move on, we have the objective next.

  • 2. The objective of the project

    This is a concrete description of the situation that satisfies you, which could solve a specific situation that has developed.

    There can be several goals in the project.

    For example, the first goal: reducing the number of drug-using youth. The second goal: increasing the number of young people who choose a healthy and law-abiding lifestyle.

    The description of the goal should be, if possible, specific (answering the questions where? In which sphere? Who? Or What new qualitative and quantitative characteristics the goal will acquire?).

    Example: an increase in the number of young people who have chosen a healthy lifestyle is the answer to the question "who?" – young people living in the city N – this is the answer to the question "where?", making young people healthy – these are the signs that we want to get in the project results.

  • 3. The tasks of the project

    These are necessary and sufficient conditions for achieving the goal. Tasks are those results (quantitative and qualitative) that can be seen and somehow measured.

    For example:

    • Identify young people who have an interesting lifestyle and generalize their experience;
    • Hold a youth festival;
    • Organize a tourist camp and hold 15 sports competitions;
    • Inform young people about interesting and healthy ways of spending time.
  • 4. Strategy and methods of the project

    The strategy is the main activities for the implementation of the project.

    Methods are various kinds of activities that contribute to the solution of the tasks set and the achievement of the goal.

    An example of the strategy will be the joint work of various institutions of society in order to get the maximum effect from the work carried out. After all, when some work is done by various organizations that have a wide variety of resources, technologies, etc., it is always easier to achieve a new breakthrough result rather than if you work alone without having all the necessary resources to implement the project. In general, the motto "As long as we are united – we are invincible!" is relevant here.

    Example of methods: due to the fact that we have identified the task of holding a youth festival in our task example, we can use the following methods based on this task.

    But first, let us ask ourselves: what needs to be done to organize this festival? Correctly, to agree on the time and place with the local authorities, to gather a working group that will be engaged in writing a scenario for this festival, etc. In short, methods, as already mentioned in the definition, are subtasks, the solution of which provides the solution to the whole problem.

    By the way, solving problems leads to the realization of the goal. And the implementation of the goal has a favorable effect on the changing situation. Everything is logical and clear.

    We hope that now you will write your social projects without hesitation since now you already know how to start doing it.

    We wish you success in this fascinating business.

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