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Steps to Writing a Novel

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Writing the first novel for an amateur writer is a complicated task but at the same time, it is an exciting experience. However, to make it easier and pleasant activity follow certain tips and advice, read about someone's else experience. Here are main steps in writing a novel for the beginners.

Choose Theme and Genre

Of course, a lot of writers connect some styles in one work, but it is vital to decide what the major one is and orient on it during your writing. Think about a theme you want be primary in your novel and add some side points to make a story more interesting. Be aware of genre standards to make it clear.

Create Main Characters

Shape your main character, take details into consideration, both appearance and character matters. Maybe you have a real prototype for creating a novel personage, so your task will become easier. Create a legend about characters past and think about his inside challenges. Certainly, your major hero should have an antagonist. Don’t give your characters only positive or only negative qualities elaborate and unusual. Nobody likes to read about perfect Mary Sue. Breathe a life into your heroes.

Conflict and Issues

Every story should have a head conflict around which the story runs. Make it controversial; don’t let the reader unravel your novel during the first chapter. Besides the main conflict, there have to be side ones. Describe several issues that touch you through the life of your characters. Make some conclusions as well or let the reader finish the story by himself.

Didactic Component

Every novel has its message, better if your help the reader to improve himself and teach some positive things, as being helpful, hardworking, responsible and so on. People should get something useful from what they read, or your novel is just an empty text then.

Follow Deadlines

Don’t disappoint your publisher and yourself, of course. Always remember about deadlines, in order to finish your novel in time organize time rightly, decide how much pages you can write each day and don’t make an illusion of work. Try to find inspiration every time you work on your text, it may be films, music, anything that makes you feel up and want to continue writing.

Composition and Titles

Think about the composition of your novel, how many chapters it should have, about the general size etc. It is vital to create a great title for your work; it has to be attractive for the readers and not banal, of course. Also, choose the extraordinary headings for each chapter, its task is to interest a person who starts reading.

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Edit the Novel

After you finished it wait for some time and reread it to find mistakes or things which you’d rather change. In addition, before sending it to the editor you can give a manuscript to your friend or parents and ask them to read and comment it fairly.

To sum up, these tips are enough to create a pretty good novel. Just remember to stay yourself and don’t try to copy anyone.

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