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You may be doing it for an assignment, to impress your teacher or parent, because you simply want to try it out, or because you feel poetic and in need of sharing your emotions with the world. No matter what the reason, writing poems for novices can be very hard and discouraging. Here are a few steps of a plan on how to embrace your poetic side.

Explore Genres

Poems are the free flight of an emotion filled heart. Some believe that in order to understand what you want to write, it is better to read as much as you can about it. Indeed, by exploring different genres of poems, you could understand better the varieties of this art and which format better fits your style and the thoughts you want to share with the world. Just to name a few genres, you could encounter haiku, brief and filled with philosophical meaning, sonnets which have their own rules of composition, long epic poems, poems without rhymes, rhythmic texts that are not build as a traditional poem. Each has peculiarities that you may find attractive. You can ask a paper writing service to deliver an example work you can analyze and work with later.

Write from the Heart

Do not try to appeal to the public, but rather write about something that interests you personally and you are affected by it. Whether it is falling in love or fascination with the countryside, the political situation of your country, nostalgia over things long forgotten – each aspect can get a resonance in your art. Be genuine and you will feel how much better your composing will become when you stop pretending to be somebody you are not.


Poetry is often built on symbolism. The latter often depends on the cultural side of the upbringing of the author. In the Far East, the flowers of the plum often symbolize the connection with love, while in Europe the color red is often the symbol of passion and love. A great poet masterfully uses symbols to evoke the right associations in their readers’ mind, and create a unique image. That is why it is better not to state the obvious in your poems, but rather use symbols and metaphors that show your inner world.

Choose Words Carefully

If you are an artist, then the words you choose are your brushes and your paints. The outcome of the painting depends solely on your virtuosity in their usage. Play with different words and experiment with how you can express the same emotion with different literary devices. A poem that contains only sentences composed by a single noun there is a sense of anxiety and anticipation. A poem with inner rhyme is infinitely musical. Play with meanings of words, and use synonyms and words with multiple meanings to create a unique masterpiece.

Oil Painting

Try More

Do not get discouraged if you cannot write sonnets on your first try. Poetry is one of the hardest types of writings, because it combines musicality, emotion and deep meaning. Continue to experiment and find your own style.

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