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Thinking and Worldview: Specifics or Abstraction?

Bad Weather Ahead

Everything that we do, everything that we choose, everything that we do not choose, is consistent with our idea of life. It is important to understand the following: how are our worldview and thinking formed?

In most cases, the foundation of your worldview is laid by the environment. At the same time, very often the environment in which you live, programs you to a negative attitude towards the world, people, money, etc. Agree, for sure you are often told that rich people are thieves, politicians are corrupt and that there are very few kind people in the world (or even not at all).

If you hear such "generous" messages from your friends, acquaintances, telecasts, etc., then you should know that, in fact, it is not true. Do you want to look at the world with different eyes? Do you want to escape from a vicious circle of problems? Then this article is created especially for you.

Negative Environment Created by Resourceful People

Very often on television or in the press one tells about staggering cases of especially large theft, some kind of blatant incident or something else connected with corruption or crime. When you hear such things from day to day, then you, whether you want it or not, begin to believe in all this.

And the peculiarity of this is the following. On television and in other media, one describes the most pronounced cases. Roughly speaking, they show you "the most noteworthy ones". The thing is that people are arranged in a way that they are always interested in seeing only something negative, terrible, glaring, bloody, etc. And do you know why this happens, why does a person love, just adore negative news? When people look at something terrible, they subconsciously compare themselves to the "serial killer", who was given a life sentence.

People start to think that, although they have a small salary, they have pretty well arranged their lives. At least they will not spend the rest of their lives on prison beds, like some others. Thus, a person is engaged in auto-suggestion, which is simply necessary for almost all people living on the planet. Otherwise, many of those who really would look at their true place in life would realize that, in fact, their life is far from ideal. Accordingly, the number of suicides that occur every day, would exceed all conceivable limits.

However, in the nature everything is harmonious. And intelligent people have long known the secret of such harmony. With its skillful use, it is possible:

  • To earn good money (TV, Internet, newspapers, etc.);
  • Not admit new members into their circle.

In connection with all this, today, most people are forced to believe that the world is cruel, people are evil and greedy. All manipulations are aimed at ensuring that a person surrounded by a negative from every side comes to the conclusion that it is better to sit still and then they can avoid most problems. And here it is very important that people come to such a conclusion by themselves, independently. After all, you will agree, your own opinion is always right, is not it?

And what is in the end? The result is the following: people who came to the conclusion that the world is cruel and greedy, in propria persona put themselves in a vicious circle, which they never leave until the end of their days. Such a person is a good source of energy, and as a result, a good workforce. And who owns this very labor? The one who owns the factories. And who owns the factories? One who creates a negative attitude, i.e. rich people who benefit from it.

And taking into account the human nature, it is likely that if the rich did not provide the opportunity for other people to bathe in the negative, then people themselves would have asked about it. In this regard, the negative acts as a drug. When you are doing something for a long time (for example, the slave labor, as it was for thousands of years), then from generation to generation the feeling of enjoyment from the negative passes.

Slaves in antiquity knew practically nothing but negativity. A person is so arranged that he/she just needs joys. And people can enjoy and negative because they do not see anything else. So the roots of love for the negative come from ancient times.

Do Not Miss Your Chance!

You intend to break out of the circle of the negative impact. If you still do not want to put up with what you have at the moment, then it is time for you to learn about how you can change your thinking and worldview. By the way, if you want to know more about these concepts, go here.

How to do this most easily? First, we want to prepare you for the fact that the worldview and thinking of a person rarely change in one day. In order for this to happen, it is necessary for a great event to occur in a person's life.

However, you will certainly agree that grand events do not happen every day. In addition, if they occur, it is rare that a person can correctly take advantage of the opportunity to change his thinking and worldview. Most likely, a person will simply consider that such a grandiose day is something fantastic, which will soon end.

In this case, such a people will tell others that they were just lucky and that the next time they will not succeed. Here is an example of a typical thinking of a person surrounded from all sides by the negativity and deprivation. If they had another mindset, they would have understood that they received the award quite deservedly.

The Ways of Changing Thinking and Worldview

Lotus Posture

If you feel that you are adversely affected by surrounding people and you cannot resist it – change the environment. This does not mean that you must abandon all past ties, you must gradually move away from negative ideas and thoughts to positive ones.

This process is gradual. You can start with the destruction of the old habits of spending free time. When traveling in transport to the university, do not explore advertising, but listen to an audiobook about positive thinking. Even if you think that all the information goes in one ear and out the other, your brain still absorbs it.

Take advantage of the opportunity to attend various courses, training, seminars. The vessel of your perception is still half empty. You decide with what to fill the remaining half – the negative or the positive.

Remember that your thinking and worldview is a reflection of what you see, hear and feel. To get more information, check

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