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Hints on the Organization of the Workplace

Workplace Table

Everyone has a working place. Although many people think that they thrive in conditions of increased stress, however, most people work best in a place that is relaxing and calm. In most cases, people cannot change the nature of their activities, but they are still able to optimize their workplace to make it a more relaxed place, where it will be pleasant to spend time and do work, which in turn reduces stress and increases productivity.

The Eternal Problems of Students

The most accurate criterion that your workplace is organized in the best way is your feeling of happiness from the fact that you work. If you have this feeling, then you could build your workspace in such a way as to work with maximum comfort. If you do not have such a feeling yet, then carefully read the following recommendations aimed at creating the calmest and harmonious working environment. Are you ready? Then we begin!

  • 1. Get Rid of the Mess

    If you now do not have a sense of joy from working with your papers at your desk, then for sure you have a complete mess now. Tear your eyes off the monitor and assess your current position. It is this way in 85% of cases. Hardly you are an exception. And we understand you perfectly at

    After all, every day you do a variety of work and simply have no strength and time to rake up the mountains of papers. Although some of them should get into the garbage can, others should be sorted and organized into a file folder inside your table, but now they all lie together, so to speak "in one heap". However, ideally, only those works should remain on the table that are really directly related to the current tasks. Any notes such as the "plan for celebrating the New Year", etc. should be a long time in the trash. So, gather strength and do a general cleaning on your desktop. Many people notice a significant improvement in their productivity when there is no mess on their table.

  • 2. Invest in Quality, i.e. in a Comfortable Chair

    If you are going to work fruitfully at your desk, then take care of a comfortable chair. If you constantly fidget because you are uncomfortable in your current chair, you will be distracted from work and become less attentive. Try applying to your supervisor or parents (since this article is designed specifically for students), so that you will get a new comfortable working furniture.

    Tell them about your current problems and back pain, in general, do everything possible to get a new work chair. If possible, go to the stationery store and try your new chair yourself. Sit in it a little, twist, in general, make sure that the new purchase will solve your current problem. In short, before you buy, test your new chair.

  • 3. Get a Small Ventilator

    This is especially actual in the summer. There are such seasons that it is impossible to survive without an air conditioner or a ventilator, let alone work. Therefore, if you are working in a stuffy or hot room, do not neglect the comfort that this device can give you. It is not necessary to try to pose as Rambo, to whom the heat and cold are child's play. In the first place, you lose the effectiveness of your work, and, secondly, its quality with this approach to comfort. Therefore, do not forget to turn on the ventilator when you are hot. It really helps.

  • 4. Add Green Color

    Green Interior

    Green color will help you relax after a long paper work or work at the computer. So, put one or more pots of beautiful flowers on your desktop. When you are tired, you can look at them, and then your eyes will start to rest. Try to observe the following period of work and rest: 1 hour of work/5 minutes of rest. With this approach, your eyes will be less tired, and your overall well-being will be fully functional.

  • 5. Create Comfortable Lighting

    Is your workplace too bright or too dim? Add more light, but do not overdo it so that the workplace is well lit. This is easily achieved with a desk lamp.

    Do not forget about energy-saving lamps too. The main visible difference between new lamps and old ones is their shape, filling (mercury is inside them, not tungsten filament), temperature (new lamps are practically not heated) and most importantly the color of light. Old lamps had light slightly yellowish color, and it is almost pure white in new energy-saving lamps. Consider this fact when you buy new light bulbs for your table lamp.

  • 6. Add Some Noise

    When you work in complete silence, then any extraneous noise will distract you very much from your activity. The bird will sing, the car will pass with a roar... In general, you may have a lot of such sudden noises during your work. Each person chooses the source of his/her favorite "noise". For someone, it can be his/her favorite music. Someone prefer TV as a source of background noise, which helps not to be distracted by extraneous sudden noises. The choice here is limited only by your imagination. You can even turn on the vacuum cleaner and work with its noise. The choice is yours!

  • 7. Personalize Your Workspace

    Can someone else learn something about you looking at your workplace? Or is your place devoid of individuality and represents a gray mass as a copy of similar places? If so, you will need time to decorate your desktop a bit so that you feel at home.

    Photos of your beloved people, memorable knickknacks, stickers of your favorite football teams – in short, any means are good here to equip your workplace to your taste. And this is very important because you have to work around something of your own, "branded", in order to feel really comfortable. It will certainly affect your desire to work at this desktop, in this workspace.

    It is not easy to stay organized all the time. However, you need to try to restore order at least once and then you no longer want to work in chaos.

    We hope that our simple tips will help you work in more comfortable conditions, which will undoubtedly increase your productivity. Work with joy, organize your workplace correctly, and we will always help you in this.

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