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Essay on VR in Education

VR and Education

VR has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only gamers use it but also teachers and professors. Together with NFL teams forward-looking universities and schools have been cooperating in virtual reality startups for the past couple years. So, very soon your homework will not be just about writing a college essay.

Life-Like Engagement

VR is a very useful tool for the education sector. Although I know that this isn’t something that will write my essay for me, it has a few other benefits. Some VR headsets allow you not just to feel and hear but even to smell things as if you were in the real world. This really impresses me.

No wonder when students use VR headsets, they are more engaged and alert. Most of them say that doing tasks in the virtual environment is more compelling than writing essays. Maybe, that’s because they are given a great opportunity to “experience” thanks to this tech.

It’s also worth mentioning that teachers don’t have to worry about their role because students still can interact with them within VR. So, the teacher’s role in essay help remains the same.

In addition, hands-on learning techniques have always been popular as they improve cognitive memory and help you understand the subject. So, it’s wise to go outside and have a look at trees before you write an essay on the leaf structure.

Students learn much better outside the classroom where they can personally feel a connection to the subject material. It’s one thing to read a book about space, it’s another thing to float in it. Of course, VR can’t replace real-life experiences, but it still can be very beneficial for students who can’t make it their destination for whatever reason.

It’s worth mentioning that VR also presents a lot of potential in many fields. With that said, hospitals use it to train physicians in complex procedures. Because VR improves reaction, NFL teams have integrated virtual learning too. However, all of the benefits of VR in education mentioned above don’t mean that teachers will no longer assign essays and reports. So, bookmark EssayTwist.Com for the future: you will need it.

It Is Fun

Many educational experts agree that blending video games with learning is one of the possible ways to improve test scores and students’ engagement levels, since every kid loves gaming. Virtual reality even helps children who are on the autism spectrum and struggle socially. Instead of writing on blackboards, they now can do more interesting tasks thanks to gaming-based therapy programs and people who create these programs.

The growing body of studies shows that the use of VR improves social task performance. It also encourages students to maintain their focus, which is understandable as simulations are extremely immersive.

The most popular VR headsets are Samsung Gear and HTC Vive. They are very comfortable and will fit your head no matter how wildly you are going to swing it while gaming.

I love the design of Google Cardboard. Although it’s a basic VR without head tracking, it is still very realistic. The device is also more affordable when compared to the Oculus Rift, for example.


Although virtual reality headsets are gaining popularity right now, very few experiments and research have been done to investigate the effects of VR on children. In fact, no one still knows how VR affects children’s eyes and their mental health.

In addition, kids have a difficult time differentiating what is true and what is make-believe. They are easy to manipulate, and some app creators may take advantage of this and promote, for example, bad behavior.

Some VR headsets have age restrictions. Others, such as Google Cardboard, don’t have any but should be used by kids only under the adult’s supervision. In both cases, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their child doesn’t spend too much time using a VR headset and that the content they are introduced is good.

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