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Why Is It Better to Be Vegetarian?

Vegetarian Dish

Almost every student at least once in his life thought about becoming a vegetarian. Sure, this is a controversial question and no one knows what is better for real: eating meat or refusing it. Thousands of discussions were held and dozens of websites about vegan movement exist nowadays. People are divided into two groups and support one of the sides. This is a significant topic both at school breaks and top-notch television news. Pupils even write school essays about vegetarianism as their homework. However, many young people still do not know the actual benefits of being vegetarian. The majority of them follow this movement only because of its popularity. Only some teenagers have strong arguments to prove their position and explain why they are vegetarians. Of course, it looks funny when a student cannot demonstrate any reasons for his specific lifestyle but blames others, who eat meat products. team is aware of this situation and wants to help you not to become one of these young people. We presented some major advantages of being a vegetarian and reasons why it is better than an average nutrition.

Prevention of Diseases

Person Eating Something

It is true that vegetarians have better health conditions thanks to their specific nutrition. They have less chronic illnesses and rarely suffer from seasonal colds and flu. Moreover, people who avoid eating meat products have more chances to avoid major diseases, as they have a strong immune system and their bodies fight against viruses effectively. It was proved by a medical research that vegetarians can quicker get over diseases and their organisms work more effectively. Such diseases as diabetes, cancer, strokes and heart diseases may be prevented by canceling meat from your diet. In addition, your blood pressure will be in a normal condition. Vegetarians rarely have a stomachache and different problems with their digestive system. In addition, these people can barely get a foodborne illness: most of them are caused by the wrongly prepared meat and fish.

Save the Earth

You have to remember that the process of producing meat demands a lot of efforts, time and money. However, the most significant thing is that it damages the environment greatly. It causes air and water pollution and soil becomes inappropriate for usage after growing at certain land thousands of cows, pigs or other animals. As a result, it is impossible to live near this territory because of an awful smell and adverse conditions of the environment. Dozens of famous ecologists proved that growing animals and building meat farms leads to destroying a certain area and make it inappropriate for usage or living. So, if you do not eat meat, it means you do not support such practices and help to reduce damage to the environment. Moreover, you save tons of water, which are needed for producing meat.

Be Fit

Good Body Shape

It is not a myth that vegetarians are fitter than an average person who eats meat and fish. They rarely suffer from an excess weight and can easily become thinner just by adding several corrections to the common nutrition plan. Some young people find that it is harder to gain muscles without meat, as it includes a huge amount of proteins necessary for building your body. However, vegetarian nutrition has its analogs for meaty products: for example, beans, especially soybeans, which have a lot of useful nutrients as well. Moreover, there is a specific athletic nutrition for people, who want to gain muscles without eating tons of beef.

Moral and Ethical Issues

It is true that many people become vegetarians because of some moral and ethical reasons. Despite many of us try not think about the suffering of animals born for slaughter, it still happens and this is opposite to all philosophies and religions of the world. Many famous writers and artists followed vegetarianism because of this issue. Moreover, people, who do not eat meat, are more kind and peaceful: this information is proved by a specific research.

Avoid Dangerous Substances

You should remember that meat consists of various dangerous substances. Before being delivered to the supermarket’s shelves, it is filled with antibiotics, hormones and herbicides. Furthermore, animals are usually fed with foods, which contain a lot of harmful for human toxins. In addition, there may be some viruses and bacteria because of an inappropriate transporting or refrigerating. It is possible to get a serious foodborne illness because of them and suffer from unpleasant symptoms for a long time. Do not forget that it is not easy to prepare meaty dishes correctly.

To sum up, being a vegetarian has a lot of advantages and conscientious young people prefer this type of diet. Moreover, this is not just a way of eating or staying healthy. This is a lifestyle for thousands of people. So, it is possible to join various vegetarian communities and share your experience there. Lots of specific non-meat recipes and websites for newbies exist. It means you will never stay without a support of other vegetarianism followers. In addition, there will be no risk to give up your credo and eat something meaty: almost every restaurant has a specific menu. We hope that our statements will help you to protect your life position and prove the benefits of being a vegetarian to other people.

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