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Give Yourself Time to Relax on Vacations. Part 2

Girl on the Beach

Make Your Vacations Memorable

You should not spend your time in total idleness, otherwise, you will have the impression that you did not do anything when the holidays are over. So, we recommend that you plan interesting activities in advance. "What did you do during your holidays? I was at home; I did nothing special!” It is very important to have something to say after returning from vacation. That is why it is essential to plan exceptional days dedicated to relaxing on the beach (or in the mountains), visiting an amusement park, etc. For your entertainment, there is nothing better than a day like this. Happy memories are guaranteed!

Do What You Never Have Time to Do

Here is a good idea! Oddly, on vacation, you often feel that you do not know what to do. To avoid this, create a book of ideas. In a tiny notebook that you always have with you, write down all of your ideas: "It would be absolutely necessary that I buy a coffee machine," "I heard about an interesting website, I should go and take a look on that," "I have always wanted to visit this place." Here is an amazing source to find exciting activities, and you will never run out of ideas. The main thing is not to put college essays and other assignments on this list. Now is not the time for them.

Clean Your Room

Cleaning the Room

There are so many papers from the previous academic year you were reading every night to prepare for exams, your wardrobe is full of old clothes you do not wear anymore, these toys are useless for you now ... It is time to do some cleaning! In addition, it is easier to have a rest in a tidy and clean place.

You can turn those difficult and boring tasks into fun. For example, ask your friends to sort their clothes or clean their rooms, then organize a garage sale together, sell all the things you do not need anymore and earn a few dollars on that. For paperwork, you can buy cute stationery, perforate all pages and store them carefully in a binder if you think that you will need them in the next year. But if you do not, just put it in a bin and forget – do not have a habit to accumulate things you do not need in your room. Everything can become an exciting game! This is a good idea to start the new academic year on a good basis in a healthy environment and with a clear mind.

Prepare to Go Back to School

It is time to sort out the stuff you will need during the next academic year before running to buy all the little things that are missing; maybe you already have them, but have forgotten. For example, before the fresh semester starts, you can test all the pens (for example, making beautiful drawings: it brings more pleasure), and find the notebooks in which you have not started writing yet. Make a list of academic assistance websites, for example,, and rest assured that academic success is guaranteed.

You can also reduce stress caused by going back to school if you bring back a plant or a small holiday souvenir which will naturally find its place in your study space. This would be a great anti-stress tool that will cheer you up in case of hard times. It will make you remember about this fun time spent with your parents and friends in cute places, interesting experience, and your relaxed state. So, all difficulties would seem easier for you.

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