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10 Life-Saving Reasons to Get Up Now and Take Up Sports

Strong Will

If you are like me, you are most likely to read this article in front of a laptop screen during weekend, sometimes taking a glance at a wonderful weather outside. All commercials with celebrities promote healthy lifestyle (naturally, with a famous mark of sport clothes), all bestsellers tell us about insalubrity of junk food for our organism but we stubbornly keep eating and laying like nothing was told us. Why?

Let’s evaluate facts as they really are: we are lazy and we simply don’t have that inner power to get up and start working on our body. Of course, some people may cover their truth with “I have no time for sport” or what is more popular nowadays “I have tried it many times, it’s just not mine”. But what is yours? The main changes for your life must happen in your head. If you order yourself, if you take yourself under control and say “I will do that because I WANT to do that”, not because your favorite actress has started doing Pilates, and you might see the first results of your work very soon but the pleasure from it right away.

Magical Kick to Start Exercising Today


Still doubting? Let me explain you some benefits of taking up sports so that, maybe, you will be more inspired for taking such a life-changing decision.

  1. It is cheap. True, the first reason turned out to the most pragmatic one! However, it is the truth of our life: we strive for what is prohibited but don’t see what is obviously allowed. Sport is free! Just go and “take” it! Right now, people will complain about lack of time, not enough strength or even absence of special equipment. However, it is not needed, if you are on a budget, just find some sports that applies to you like running, swimming, exercising at home, playing team sports and so on. The opportunities are unconstrained!
  2. It is our lifestyle. No, we were not created (or, in other words, we did not evolve) just to sit long hours in the office, staring at the computer screens and chewing hamburgers. We were born to move, explore, enjoy and discover this world. What we call “sport” nowadays was just an ordinary lifestyle for our ancestors, it wasn’t something that they should prepare for in that time, so why should it be something special for us?
  3. It develops your social interactive skills. Sport unites people, have you ever heard about it? Especially those team sports that require a direct communication with other members. Sport gives you an opportunity to make new friends, speak for similar or same interests and just go to the pub to watch your favorite team playing.
  4. It increases mental health. While exercising, you consume much more oxygen as breathing more often, especially outdoors, and as a result your brain works much better during test or any other mental work. People who exercise are generally more successful in studying a subject than just those who lock themselves in a house and con material during nights.
  5. Sport is fun! Do you know how much hormones of happiness – endorphins are being produced during a single baseball game with friends? And how much a level of adrenaline rises when you play a competitive kind of sports? All of these help you to sense all the joy of feeling alive and young. Enjoy being young now, not in an older age.
    Friends Laughing
  6. Sport promotes our self-esteem. A sense of personal satisfaction from having achieved some limit is better than everything else. People who do exercises, usually feel themselves much better and happier than those who don’t. Do you need another reason? Ok, ok, keep on reading!
  7. It makes you live longer. Yes, it does! The scientists have already proven that when the muscles work more intensively, the whole organism is more likely to be stronger and more resistant to adversity. As a result, you live longer and have no need in medicaments when others start taking pills from the young age because of harmfulness of their sight, back etc.
  8. You can get a scholarship for doing sports! The times for only smart students have gone, now you can win a grant for mastering in doing sports professionally. Find out about how to get an athletic scholarship in the next article!
  9. You are more attractive for the opposite sex and have a healthier appearance in general. When pushing your body to its physical limits you increase a chance for having less problems with health and fertility in the future. Seriously, who would not be in awe from slim, sporty sportsmen running near your house in shorts only?
  10. To be a complete person. To learn yourself, to raise a feeling of taking risks in a competitive environment, to feel your life not only as a combination of work-study-house but find some hobby to love and dedicate your time to. Sport is a must and everybody should know that. If you take up sports for some special reason, make sure it is strong enough for you to keep going and not give up after the first try.

There are also some special occasions when only an easy sport capacity is allowed. I insistently ask you to consult your doctor before taking up any kind of sports if you have any health problems but remember: sport is for everyone and you are not an exclusion. Choose your most appropriate kind of sports and start practicing today!

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