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To Study or to Work Is a Personal Choice

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A strong desire to work and study is caused by a contemporary situation of employment - a decent position with a good salary will certainly require work experience. Without that experience, a high school graduate, even with honors at the "casting" in the organization would be "out of competition". To study or to work is a personal choice, which you have to make. A decent human existence in society requires an application of knowledge, and for this, we have to study and work at the same time.

The Advantages of the Reconciliation of Work and Studies

It is a wonderful possibility to work during your studies as it gives you some experience and a chance to learn something new, makes you more responsible, punctual, provides you with a lot of different curious positions where you can be a part of a big and friendly staff and where you can understand what job would you like to have in future. For sure, it will be a little bit difficult because you won’t have a lot of free time and you’ll have to combine your work with your studies appropriately to not damage your position at the university, but anyway, it is worth it. Especially, when you want to help your parents and earn some money for your own needs. However, it is your adult life and sooner or later you will find a job, but you’ll be prepared for that having a baggage of experience.

The Disadvantages of the Combining of Work and Studies

There are some cons of working when you study: low salary, impossibility to work full-time, having a job which is not connected with your chosen specialty (a waiter, courier, receptionist). Of course, students can’t take the high positions, and they are hardly allowed to lead or manage. On the other hand, it can be seen that in many countries a lot of young people who have proved themselves being professional began to ascend the career ladder very quickly.

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Make Your Own Decisions

You don’t have to be afraid of combining your work and studies because it is absolutely real and possible, the main thing is to be confident. Only your creativity, individuality and desire to become a good specialist can give you a unique ticket into adulthood and a successful life. As Confucius said, "Do what you love to do, and your life will not have a single working day.”

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