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Meet the College of Your Dream: Study Magic and Witchcraft


Have you ever dreamt about saying goodbye to the daily routine in your college? Has it ever made you question why are you writing essays and solving these hateful equations instead of studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Transfiguration Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts? Have you ever received your Hogwarts letter?

Do not lose hope, just close your eyes, forget about your credits, tests and grades and imagine a college of your dream: an antique castle with the moving stairs and a sky-blue ceiling. It would be marvelous to visit Hogsmeade on weekends, to hang out in the “Three Brooms” (if you just want to enjoy your butterbeer and pumpkin juice), in the “Madam Puddifoot’s” (if you are completely in love with someone or just adore watching the happy couples kissing over the tables) or in “The Hog’s Head” (if you have a meeting with somebody who has really bad reputation). All your current affairs can be resolved on the website While professional writers will work on your essay, you can safely immerse in the world of magic.

If you are absolutely fed up with your studying, just think: maybe the sorcery is your true destiny! You can be the chosen one to fight with dark wizards and witches. Sounds doubtful? You are a strict Sir Skeptic and you do not want to believe in this irrational and illogical magical nonsense? In that case, we kindly remind you that the biggest illusion in the world is our reality. So, whatever we create inside this reality has a chance to exist: anyway, everything around us is a fake.

I Put a Spell on You


Undoubtedly, knowing some elementary spells can be your first step to becoming a wizard or witch. Various spells can help you get away with many tricky situations. For example, “Accio” calls your broom when you need to hide from the crime scene immediately. “Aguamenti” pours some water on your enemy in order to make him or her shut up at least for a moment and “Confringo” vaporizes him or her on the ground.

“Alohomora” closes (and opens!) the doors to the rooms with frightening monsters. “Lumos” highlights and shows you all the terrifying beasts, hiding in the darkness and “Nox” gets the taps out and leaves you alone with your fears. “Imperio” makes your enemy just a toy in your hands: you will be as powerful as the Sultan of Turkey! However, stay away from the most horrible spells ever: “Crucio” (hurts your victim unbearably) and “Avada Kedavra” (killing curse). They are used by the death-eaters, with whom you should better not mess up.

To put your first spell, you should visit Ollivander’s, which is situated on the Diagon Alley, and to buy a wand. However, be careful, because it is not that simple as it seems to be. You must be chosen by your magic wand and not the other way around.

Need more instructions? Feeling embarrassed because you do not know how to get to this mysterious place? Calm down and do not worry: the Ministry of Magic takes care of everything. The only challenge you have is just to find “The Leaky Cauldron” (a very special pub and inn for wizards and witches). After that, everything will come naturally. You are a muggle and your parents are humble and normal dentists? Take it easy, hundreds of talented wizards and witches are muggle-borns! One more benefit is that you know from here what to do if someone dares to call you a mudblood!

A Walk Through the Magic Land


One of the most important things you will need in Hogwarts is the Marauder’s Map. If you have congenital adventurous tendencies (and we are absolutely sure you do), this card will become your essential companion for many years. It shows the location of all your friends and enemies, fans and detractors, teachers and elves. You can use it for your dark goals whenever you want and do not bother about the escape route.

Normally, every beginner wizard or witch try to know about the magic world as much as possible. And this is the right decision because it is ridiculously easy to get lost in the Alley Diagon with plenty of shops and cozy places to unwind and get some rest and even in Hogwarts with all these moving stairs, ghosts, secret corridors and passwords.

However, having taken (or stolen) some money from the Gringots Wizarding Bank, first of all you must visit the Diagon Alley and buy some books at “Florish and Blotts”, some comfortable mantles to wear (as dark as night, for sure) at “Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions” and some cunning little things at the legendary “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes”, take a rest for a while and get ready to the long train ride to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. By the way, prepare for becoming broke because the pumpkin pies and the chocolate frogs, being sold in a train, are just incredible.

Do Not Be Afraid to Take a Risk


Finally, now I will tell you a really crazy thing which can easily knock you off your broomstick. A real Hogwarts is situated in Czocha castle in Poland. There is a live-action role play, organized and held by the volunteers. During the time of studying students are being provided with books, robes, magic wands and other wizard wheezes. They can build their own strategy, explore whatever they want and build their own relationship between the dormitories. So, if you believe in magic, it materializes and becomes closer to you. Just do not be afraid of dreaming (take a risk) and everything will become possible. You can discover more information about Hogwarts and Harry Potter here.

Patience, self-possession, strong faith and devotion to your duty have been always appreciated and awarded in Hogwarts, so keep on walking the road of your hopes and someday your dreams will come true. Be smart, be brave, face your dreams and start doing magic!

Take your invisible coat and gloomy black hat (in case you do not have them you can always imagine, and you remember that if you can imagine the things, they can exist!), sit down on your broomstick, arm up with your magic wand and go look for the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. We are sure that you know what to do afterward. Never give up, never walk away and you will be rewarded one day. Do not stop dreaming, Hogwarts is waiting for you! Say Alohomora and every door will open for you.

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