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Study Productively: Spend Your Breaks Effectively

Girl Drinking Tea

It is very important not only to do breaks between classes every 40-50 minutes but also spend these breaks effectively. Just scrolling Instagram feed or watching videos on YouTube is not the way to let you relax and restore your energy. So, we have some study break ideas for you: with them, you will be able to get back to studying with more energy and ability to concentrate. And while you are reading, writers from can help you with your essay or another homework.

An Exercise

An exercise is a fantastic way to boost productivity and increase your focus because it helps to oxygenate the brain, get the blood pumping, and it just gives you a break from the whole study in the first place. You should definitely try to get away from your desk and get moving: it is a really good study break and it is really healthy. There are so many benefits for daily exercise, even if it takes only ten or fifteen minutes. We will not list them all, but you know that exercises have important health benefits, so make it something that you do every day and just integrate it into your study routine.

Take a Nap

Girl Sleeping

You are probably going to make this your favorite tip. We are not sure whether you have heard this before, but if you go to sleep straight after studying, it helps to consolidate the information into your long-term memory, because it reduces all disturbances. So, if you have just studied something, you are feeling tired and it is time for a study break, take a nap. Ideally, you should limit your nap to about twenty minutes, so you do not end up waking up really groggy, and also it does not influence your ability to fall asleep later that night.

Making Tea or Snack

The next study break idea involves making a cup of tea or something to eat. Making a cup of tea is a really good way to de-stress: if you are working really hard, and you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed, then this study break helps to refuel your body if you make something nutritious to eat. A cup of tea helps you to stay calmer and gives you a little break from the hustle and bustle of student life.


Girl Practicing Meditation

Meditation can be the first thing that you do every morning. We feel that when someone says “meditation,” everyone thinks that it is really kind of weird spiritual hippy thing and that not everyone can do it, and it is really hard to do, and you do not really know how to make your brain meditate.

Honestly, it is not: when people meditate, what they are really doing is just focusing on their breath, they slow it down, and try not to let their mind wander and think about one hundred and one things. Whenever you notice that a thought popped into your mind while you are meditating, you just notice it, you observe it and then let it go. You should know that you can always pick it up later on: if it is really important, it will come back to you.

When you are meditating, it is just about freeing the mind and enjoying some peace and silence. You can meditate with your eyes open or closed, you might just want to meditate sitting in a park and looking at the birds flying around in the sky. Looking at a candle is also a nice way to stay focused. So, meditation is a great study break idea, and it helps to clear all thoughts so that you can come back to your desk being a lot more focused and calm.

By the way, professional essay help also contributes to tranquility and relaxation since you do not feel stress associated with deadlines and lack of time.

Tidy Up

Tidying up your study space is also a very important and beneficial study break idea, because the more you stay on top of your clutter, the less cluttered your mind is going to be. Sort out your papers, make sure you do not have all your textbooks for the subjects you have studied before on your desk. You should stay on top of everything that is on your desk because a clear space makes a mind clearer.

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