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Learn to Love Your Student Life and Become Happy

Student Hugs Book

Even though we often hear that our college years are going to be the best of our lives, sometimes that is not the case at all. Before going to college, our parents and older siblings might tell us that we are bound to an unforgettable and precious experience. However, after the first semester, we are disappointed with the real situation of constantly writing essays and stressing out, and cannot believe that these are the conditions that our family has described to us. At the same time we do not want to disappoint them with the real account of the events, which brings us even closer to loathing college. Here are some reasons why you might hate your student’s life and some solutions to learn to love it to be happier.

Why Might You Hate It?

If one day you realize that you would rather be somewhere else, that receiving this major is really not your dream and that you are unhappy with the situation, please do not rush to make drastic changes. The first step would be to determine the root of your problem, and then try to change it. Maybe, everything is not as bad as it looks like.

Not Enough Friends

Sad Person

Loneliness and college might go hand in hand. Even though in the movies college is depicted as a never ending party with new exciting friends and a turmoil for your love life, most of the times it is not the case. You might feel like you do not know anyone and want to curl up in your room every day after classes, instead of socializing with the people who are unpleasant to you.


If you would like to make some new friends, it is advisable to look at your interests. In college there are many groups and activities reserved to people with shared interests. You can join a drama club, a speech and debate group, a sports team. There, you will make friends easily with the people who share your ideals. Here are some more ways you can try out.

Too Much Pressure

The workload is bigger than in high school. Sometimes you need to juggle multiple responsibilities and do your homework well at the same time. The pressure of exams can also be overwhelming.


Relax a little. Even if you cannot do all the assignments on time, you are not going to drop out if you really put a little effort. Make a schedule and a to do list, and try to complete it. Ask for help if you are really stuck with some material. Cancel a class if you know that it is not good for you.

Too Expensive

Money Bags

College can be expensive. Sometimes too expensive to even afford it. Even if you are enrolled, the pressure of buying books that are a little harsh on your wallet can be a lot. In addition to that, sometimes you are expected to provide rent for yourself and find money for food and clothes. So, a lot of students find a part time job, that puts additional pressure on them.


Look closely into the conditions, before applying for student loans. Look for universities that provide scholarships. You can even find some interesting and free programs overseas, so do not be afraid to ask and gather some information. As for books, ask your friends who are upperclassmen to sell them to you, or find some shops with used books. You will be amazed how much you can save by buying used books. When searching for a part time job, make sure to find something that is suitable for your personality and does not take away too much of your energy.

No Progress

Sometimes we feel like we study and learn and spend all night reading books, and still gain nothing in return. Often we are guilty of comparing ourselves to others and evaluating our progress based on the skills that others have and we do not. Our teachers are too busy to pay any real attention to us or give out some advice to help us achieve the progress we need.


Never compare yourself to others, this is the key to success. You never know how they achieved their heights, and this should not concern you. The main thing to focus on is your own progress. Compare yourself to yourself from the past. Did you really learn nothing in this period of time that you have spent in college? Do you still wish to become a professional in this field? How can you achieve it? What are you doing wrong? No matter how busy your professor is, you should seek them and ask for help, it is their duty to help you. However, if nothing works and you feel like this course is simply not for you, do not be afraid to try new things or to change your major.

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