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Useful Habits of the Student. Part 2

Diligent Student
  • 3. Participate in Extracurricular Activities

    Few of the students have a similar habit. Many are unbearable to go to classes and are lazy to participate in some other extracurricular activities. If you are one of them, check Everything keeps on laziness, it owns many of us and few of us manage to escape from its embrace. But you can do it, for example, as you probably already guessed, participating in a high school holiday or some other event.

    The most important thing is to apply for participation, take the first step. Then you will be so excited with rehearsals, preparations that any laziness will not be able to get control over you. You will burn with all your heart for your extracurricular work, you will receive a lot of positive emotions from communicating with different people, and the experience will naturally come to your mind (do you remember about the competitive advantage?).

    Therefore, participate in more different activities as much as possible, it is always very useful for your development as an individual. This useful habit will allow you to acquire a lot of good friends, who you can contact if you have any life problem. It is not for nothing that one says that communications solve everything. They really do it, but the most important thing is not to abuse them.

  • 4. Go to Bed No Later Than Midnight

    Midnight Clock

    There are many legends and anecdotes about sleeping students. Do you want to be laughed at? Will you feel comfortable after a sleepless night, under the pressure of ridicule on the part of groupmates? Then get a rule – go to bed no later than midnight. This rule can be broken only in emergency cases, which should not be more than 1-2 for a month.

    When you are sleepy, then learning is not in the first place for you. You will want to quickly find some bed in the first place. Therefore, sleep at least 7 hours a day, and sleep even more at the end of the week because it is a well-known fact that you will feel increased fatigue by the end of the work (studying) week. It seems to be accumulated over the whole week.

    So, remember, a healthy sleep is one of the most useful habits for a student.

    Try to do all your business day or evening and forget about the phrase "night work". There should not be such work for a student of the full-time form of education. And do not say that you work part-time at night because you have nothing to pay for your studies. If there is nothing to pay, then transfer to the extramural form and work day and night through without stopping. But if you are studying on a full-time form, then be kind to learn, and not to play the fool.

  • 5. Repeat the Material Before the Lecture

    This habit is also not common among students. However, it gives an excellent opportunity to repeat and, importantly, to remember the material before you receive a portion of the new one. The repetition allows you to avoid the mess in your head, which is sure to happen if you start preparing for the session just a few days before the exams.

    If you reread the information received before the beginning of the lecture during the whole semester, then, first, much will be deposited in your head, and, secondly, nothing will be a surprise. And then, after all, many students, opening a synopsis before the session, sincerely wonder and say: "Did we study this?"

    Therefore, if suddenly the teacher is late, do not waste time, use it to the maximum repeating the material of the previous lecture. If the teacher still does not come, then read lectures that were even earlier, etc. The most important thing for you is to adopt the following habit: try to spend your precious time rationally depending on where you are.

    If you get a free minute to study – repeat the summary, you go to the subway – read a book, etc. Do not waste your time!

  • 6. Read Books

    It is probably one of the most useful habits. In the first place, the student is associated with a mountain of books.

    Make a rule for yourself – read at least 10 pages of useful information a day. And this is not information in messages on social networks, and not advertising on the street, this should be a book or intelligent journal.

    Reading allows you to also gain a competitive advantage because you will simply know more than the rest. A smart and well-read people are very fond of at work. And anyway, who said that you have to work for someone? Maybe, after reading the next book, you realize that you yourself can organize a business that is worthwhile, and thus, will be your own boss in the future.

    Picking up a book and starting to read it, you never know what you will do after you finish reading it. Many brilliant thoughts visit people precisely after reading the genius thoughts of other people. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make friends with books, read them both on the computer and on paper.

    We will conclude our consideration of this topic in the next and last part of this article.

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