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Useful Habits of a Student. Part 1

Student Writing

People always like to talk about bad habits – smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and other. They say almost everywhere that bad habits are awful and you need to get rid of them. There are dozens of magazines that give advice to people how to do it, hundreds of clinics are ready to accept sick people to heal them from the "evil spirit".

However, there are few who talk about what are useful habits, and how to "instill" them to your way of life. We decided that it would be interesting for schoolchildren and students to find out at what useful habits there are and how they can be made your assistants not only in the learning process, but also in life.

  • 1. Go to Classes

    It would seem a self-evident thing for the student, but now few ones have such a habit. It is because you have to get up early, go somewhere and listen to the teacher's boring lectures. What for? After all, you can come to the exam at the end of the semester and pass with grades that are sometimes not lower than those of students, who regularly attended all the lectures and seminars.

    Yes, it can be lucky once or twice. However, we sincerely wish you not to be so lucky. We do not want to do you a bad thing, on the contrary, we warn you against such a student's position. The thing is that if you do not attend lectures and seminars, then your future professional suitability will not be worth a damn.

    We explain: you will come to the firm to get a job. There they will look at your diploma. Grades seem to be quite good (you were lucky during the session). You will be accepted for probation. But you will remember your absenteeism there. You will not know how to make the first thing, the second, the third. Employers will look at you and kick you out. They do not need an employee, who does not know how to do his or her work.

    So, if you do not have such a useful habit as going to classes yet, then it is strongly recommended that you get it. At the end of the article, we will tell you how to "instill" this habit or another, and remember for now – you should definitely go to classes.

  • 2. Do Your Homework

    Try to do all that you are asked at the university, even what will never be useful in your work from your point of view, and do it on time. After all, the more you do practical assignments, tests, etc., more experience you will have, which will necessarily be useful for real work. Let us say more, try to take additional tasks, so that you have experience several points more than the average student.

    If we imagine that everyone roughly performs the same number of tasks during studies at the university, then, accordingly, many former students will come to get a job with roughly the same baggage of knowledge and experience in solving problems. The employer will think about who to hire from among a dozen equal candidates. Although these candidates do not fully satisfy the needs of the employer, it is still necessary to choose only those who are at the moment, because other, more highly qualified specialists are not visible on the horizon.

    And suddenly you appear on this horizon, having a diploma with the best grades and other additional bonuses in the form of a deeper knowledge of the English language or, for example, of the situation in the real estate market. You are the one they have been looking for!

    Now, do you think the employer will remember those 10 similar applicants? And it all started with the fact that you more diligently carried out all your homework and, in addition to it, took additional exercises for your own development.

    Think about who you want to become after graduating from university? A simple worker with ordinary wages and constant life problems or a successful person with a practically paradisiacal life (certainly paradisiacal in comparison with an ordinary person).

    So, do not shirk your homework, no matter what other people say. Get this useful habit as soon as possible. Do everything on time and with maximum diligence. Remember that this diligence will certainly be rewarded in the future. And this future will come very, very soon.

    Read the continuation of considering the useful habits of students in the following parts.

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