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University in Your City Against Moving. Part 2


Important Thoughts When Moving to Another Country

Many modern school graduates dream of a great thing – they plan to study at one of the European universities. The idea, of course, is good, but it is even more difficult to live in a foreign country than in another city of your state.

Prospects are great, but there are many challenges along the way, and student life is not always happy and prosperous.

But what are we talking about at

  1. The language barrier. Even knowing the foreign language of the host country to perfection, the colloquial complexity is inevitable. It occurs not only in communicating with professors and understanding a new topic but also in everyday life, that is, on the street, in shops, movies and other public institutions. It is difficult to adapt, and sometimes this period is protracted for several months of deep depression;
  2. Mentality. As you know, each country has its own traditions, so it is not always possible for a student to quickly get used to the national mentality of the host country. Here, nostalgia for the homeland attacks with terrible force, and the lack of mutual understanding and a sense of deep loneliness can also worsen the studying and reduce the performance of the foreign student;
  3. Lack of relatives and friends. Student dorm abroad – this is one multinational family, but it is not easy to get used to it and, moreover, to love it. Despite new acquaintances, friends of childhood are catastrophically missing. There are people who will always come to the rescue, understand and support at a difficult moment. But they stayed in your country. Not all new acquaintances can become close friends by virtue of their mentality, and the period of studying is most often spent in spiritual solitude with a large number of supposed friends and acquaintances;
  4. Collision with professors. As practice shows, students very often conflict with foreign professors – the rebellious spirit affects. On the one hand, this is correct since it is always necessary to defend one's opinion and prove the truth, but on the other hand, the professor certainly will not be pleased with this obstinacy, and academic performance can decline very quickly. How to deal with such conflict situations? This issue is open to many students at foreign universities;
  5. Financial difficulties. Life abroad is available to far from everyone even despite a decent scholarship. It is important to understand that financial difficulties cannot be avoided, and there are two ways out of the current situation – material support of well-off parents or part-time work. By the way, the second option is chosen by most students to somehow improve their financial situation.

Alternative for Everyone


Admission to the university is the responsibility of every entrant, so thoughts about a higher educational institution should visit you already in the status of "Pupil". It is necessary to talk about this important topic with family more often, to get the lay of the land and the attitude of parents to one or another proposed option.

In addition, parents' advice also should not be ignored, because their life experience allows you to see the situation realistically, and not in "rose-coloured glasses". You can discuss together all the pros and cons of moving to another country, about which, by the way, you can read here.

It is necessary to take certain wise phrases from parental instructions that will help you decide on the future profession and place of higher education.

It is also important to recall that many professors are aware of intricacies of the particular profession, so it will not hurt to consult them in addition. At least, this is an unbiased opinion, which, perhaps, will help you make the correct choice in your young life.

Summing up, it only remains to add that studying in another city has a lot of difficulties, but this does not mean that it is worth immediately discarding this option. If you correctly approach the problem, then its solution will not cause many difficulties. The main thing is to think through all the pros and cons and to look at things realistically.

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