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University in Your City Against Moving. Part 1


Many school graduates dream of obtaining a certificate of secondary education and immediately move to another city to study. This desire is most often explained by a complete lack of understanding with the parents, who "press" you more and more every day, impose their opinions, oppress and work you up over nothing. Is this the only way out? We need to talk more on this topic at

Life with Parents

At 16-17 years, during the so-called "peak of youthful ardour", it is very difficult to find a common language with parents, especially living in the same territory. Daily scandals suddenly turn into a round-the-clock confrontation, so schoolchildren try to be at home more rarely, and if they do, they retire to their room, not wanting to live in the interests of the family. Of course, this attitude irritates parents greatly, and no one succeeds in being smarter.

The main stumbling block at the end of the school is the question of where it is best to go for a study for a "child".

Already one definition of "child" is erroneous since it is a self-sufficient person, who can independently determine the choice of the future profession. However, parents do not think so, being sure that they should know better. This is where the misunderstanding begins, which from the loud conversations very soon turns into squabbles with screams and mutual insults.

It would seem that a caring mother accuses her child of base ingratitude, while her child reproaches for lack of choice and totalitarian behavior. Over time, living in such a tense atmosphere becomes unbearable, and school graduates are finally confirmed in their thoughts to leave their parents' house in search of themselves and education as soon as possible. Such a decision should not be spontaneous, and the first thing to remember is what difficulties lie ahead on a long journey called "student life".

It is one thing to want to live and study in another city, and it is completely different one to be in an unfamiliar place without the powerful parental support that is especially needed in a difficult period of adaptation to a new life.

Important Thoughts When Moving to Another City

If graduates of the school decided to enter the university of another city, then they must remember about all the pitfalls that they have to overcome.

There are the most important points below:

  1. New housing. It is difficult to study in the status of "Nonresident" just because life in the student dorm is to be. Not all graduates of schools are ready for this test, as they are accustomed to the “hothouse” conditions of home and the care of their parents, even if they are very strict. You can rent an apartment, but in any case, it is very difficult to single-handedly keep house and simultaneously receive higher education;
  2. New acquaintances. If you enter the university of your city, then already in the first year you will meet old acquaintances, former classmates, childhood friends and even relatives of the same age. There will not be such acquaintances in another city, so you will have to start everything from scratch. This is a new life, when you are surrounded by strangers with whom you have to coexist, find a common language and, perhaps, live in the same territory. It is very difficult to adapt to such circumstances, and this takes time;
  3. New requirements. The graduate of the school not only falls into new conditions of student life but also adapts in the new city. Not every student will cope with such a high load, especially when you have to rely only on yourself and your strengths. You need to think, are you ready for such a radical change in your life, will you manage it?
  4. New professors. It is difficult to get used to the requirements of such professors because they do not run after students and do not beg to study, and assessments are made by the fact, by knowledge, by relation to studies. There are no favorites for the first year, and therefore it is necessary to win the position of strict professors on your own, with your mind and perseverance;
  5. New values. Being away from relatives, a freshman begins to miss his/her home very much, and such a quivering feeling of nostalgia allows to review all family values, understand mistakes and, perhaps, even apologize to parents in one of telephone conversations. This is a positive moment of studying in another city because relations with parents are improving dramatically and even become better than they were before;
  6. New world. Graduates of the school fall into a completely new world after moving to another city, the existence of which they had previously suspected. It is important to remember the reason for your arrival, plans and goals for the future to not get off the right track, enjoying the long-awaited freedom. This is very important because many excellent students already in the first year of the second semester are deprived of the right to receive a scholarship for low academic performance. It is very important not to allow such a fall, otherwise, parents will not just be upset, but once again they will become firmly convinced of the moral insolvency of their child;
  7. A new choice. Studying in another city, the student can independently decide on the future profession, completely ignoring the recommendations of persistent parents. They can say anything, but the final choice is only for a nonresident entrant. So, it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice, otherwise you will only be able to blame yourself.

These important points should not be missed and you should not live in "rose-coloured glasses". It is important to really think through your opportunities and ambitions, after which you decide whether it is worth moving and further studying in another city.

It also does not hurt to consult with worried parents on this issue, although it can occur that their opinion will be biased. However, even such an opinion can be useful, as well as numerous articles on how to properly prepare for the move. For example, you can read this article.

And what if it is a question of moving to another country? What then is waiting for the student? We will discuss it in the second part of our article.

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