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Sleep Is Necessary, but Not at Lectures


You want to sleep from the very early morning. You woke up and much regretted it. What if you want to sleep at university all the time? How to be vigorous from the very early morning? Where to get strength and energy for active action in the morning? We will give you the answers to these and other questions in this article at

What do almost all students do in the morning at the university? Before the lesson starts, students greet each other, then they talk about different topics, then the lecturer comes to the audience and the lecture begins.

For the most part, almost all students have a negative attitude to the lectures in the morning. Complex definitions, mountains of text and formulas fly through the not fully awakened brain. Students think only about how to sleep for at least few more minutes. However, when such a sleepy state is constant, it is worth thinking about in order to improve one's life.

After all, when you do not get enough sleep and you come to lecture, then, you see, you are not so friendly to others. Irritability, depression, inhibition – these are the properties of a person who comes to the university every day with 3-4 hours of sleep last night.

Now imagine that most people act the same way. Honestly, it is even scary to imagine. It turns out that it is not a university, but some kind of collection of annoyed zombies, ready to kill everyone who disturbs their sleepy state. Horror! But that is not the point.

We are interested in a question that touches upon the problem of sluggishness in class. How to overcome this condition? How to get out of the ranks of these zombies and live a full student life? How, in the end, to enjoy learning, and is such a utopia possible? The answers are below.

How to Stop Wanting to Sleep at Lectures?

So, you firmly decided to overcome the habit of coming to classes in a drowsy state and sleeping at lectures.

Do you want the original answer?

Get enough sleep!

It is hard to come up with better advice. Stop sitting in front of this computer, watching tons of videos and mindlessly wasting your time working on others.

A healthy sleep is the best remedy for lethargy and drowsiness at lectures. Someone thinks that sleep is a waste of time. "We spend a third of our lives in a dream, and you are still saying that we should get enough sleep. Are we children or who?" Maybe you are the adult, but you hardly understand that, in fact, you never sleep. More precisely not you, but your body.

In a dream, the brain distributes the information received over the day like a computer that reboots when the work becomes too hard.

And what plays one of the leading roles in the world today? Correctly, its majesty information. After all, we live in the information age.  It is so? Accordingly, we get more information than our predecessors.

The conclusion is the following – let your brain fully distribute the information received for the whole day, and then you will almost never have a desire to sleep during classes at the university. Everything is logical, is not it?

Passionate Desire

If you are eager to get something, then you will overcome any obstacles, you will be able to solve any problems if you want something passionately.

That is right, you just will not want to sleep, when thoughts in your brain revolve about your dream. That is why it is so important to be able to dream and achieve your dreams. Take action! Be passionate regardless of age or today's problems. Be above them. Achieve your goal with enthusiasm, and then you will forget about the need for a dream.

Enthusiasm, a passionate desire to achieve your goal – here is a recipe for fighting sleep at university (and not only).

At the end of this article, devoted to the struggle against the desire to sleep at lectures, we have prepared for you, dear readers, a number of recommendations that will allow you to cope with this desire. These are the most common recommendations, so to speak, truisms, which, however, people often forget to follow.

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the well-being of your organism. If you constantly eat harmful and fatty foods (which is not uncommon for students), then your whole body becomes a "sponge" for absorbing harmful substances. They all accumulate, accumulate, accumulate... (you are tired of reading the same thing, and now imagine how your body is fed up with receiving the same harmful food).

In this regard, if you feel lethargic in class while you are sleeping a lot, then pay attention to your diet. It is possible that it is the wrong one that prevents you from gaining ease and the feeling of joy that you should receive from living on this earth.

Balance your diet. Bring a variety in your life, give up fatty foods (if possible), eat more nuts (sometimes the positive effect of eating nuts exceeds all expectations), drink more plain water. At least, the poor student always has money for water.


Another way to feel vivacity from the very early morning is regular exercise. Active life allows you to keep your weight trim and be unloaded psychologically (which is also very important, because a lot of different troubles fall on you for a day). In short, hit the ball with your foot with all your might – and you will be happy. You will be provided with the charge of emotions and energy.

In addition, doing sports is an excellent opportunity to communicate with interesting people, to get friends. And friends, as you know, are some of the best antidepressants in the world. In general, you understand the hint – do more sports, and then:

  • The food will be better digested;
  • The organism will get rid of harmful substances;
  • You will get a fresh burst of energy for creative work every day.

Stop doubting, go to the gym!


Within the framework of this article, a question was considered that dealt with the problem of many university students – the desire to sleep in class at the university. We hope that now you can get rid of this bad habit and spend your time on more useful things (for example, you can read books on breaks or chat with groupmates).

And remember that you are the creators of your happiness. A good mood (due to a lack of desire to sleep and, accordingly, excessive irritability) – this is one of the components of a fun student life.

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