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How to Select the Best Movie?

People in Cinema

Many young people will say that it mostly depends on person’s tastes and there are no exact features that can help us decide which film is good or bad. Anyway, lots of festivals exist and all of them reward certain movies and others are criticized. It means that there are some criteria and features that show the quality of a film and its value. Which are these factors? There is no need to be a professional film critic to select good movies and conclude that others are bad. We will describe some features, which every good film should have. They are easy to remember, so, pay attention to the information below.


Actors Playing Roles

First of all, a film should include some new extraordinary ideas. No one likes to see the same plot thousands of times, but with different actors and decorations. Being unique is important everywhere: while writing essays, drawing pictures and, of course, creating films. Unfortunately, there is only a small part of all movies, which are produced nowadays, with original scripts and a unique approach to shooting. The majority are made for getting a profit and selling tickets in cinemas: average people prefer banal plots. If you do not want to be one of them and see content with good quality and originality, you should pay attention to this feature. Avoid movies that copy each other: it is a waste of time. To learn how to analyze actors and actresses, you may benefit from our previous article with hints for being the best actor.

Music Plays Role

Most of the students rarely pay attention to the composer’s work while watching a film. However, it helps create a certain atmosphere and influences your emotions, sometimes, even more than the acting. It may be said that music is a "color" of a movie. So, you have to notice the soundtrack of the film you are watching to decide if it is a good one.

Quality of Acting 

Sometimes, a plot is pretty good and an atmosphere influences your mind. However, actors are not able to interpret their characters naturally; so, the outcome is not as good as the public expected. Actors are one of the main things, which indicate the quality of a movie. Sometimes, even celebrities fail their roles, so, a list of stars in the film description does not mean that it will be a perfect one. On the other hand, an amateur may better interpret a certain character and the most demanding critic will be amazed by it.

Unusual Characters

Characters mean a lot in the creation of a plot and the main conflict of a film. They should be original and controversial. If characters are divided into good and bad ones, it will result in a boring and senseless film. Such a case is more suitable for a children’s fairytale, but not for a high-quality movie. It should make you analyze and think about the characters’ actions and behavior. There is nothing perfect in this world and even film characters should have both strengths and weakness.

Leave Something Unknown

People Have Discussion

A good film will always leave some things to think about after watching. Sometimes, students are very affected by such stories and spend weeks reflecting about them. Moreover, in some cases, a director gives us an opportunity to finish a story by ourselves. Such finals are impressive and make an average person participate in a film. In this way, a director demonstrates the main message of his or her creation and lets the audience add something to it.

Form of Storytelling

Young people get used to the standard form of storytelling in films. It means that events go one by one and time frames are traditional. However, you should watch some movies made by directors with an unusual approach to shooting and editing. Of course, for students, it may seem to be a bit strange. Nevertheless, it is a good way to attract public’s attention and make even a simple plot amusing. For example, David Lynch and his films show us a completely new and innovational approach to making a film. This is also a very important feature of good movies.

To sum up, all these features play an equal role in a film. If one of them is ignored by a director, a movie will not be successful. Cinemas are full of disgusting and boring things nowadays. Big companies only try to make a greater profit and do not care about producing content with a good quality. You should not fall into this trap. Remember: you can choose what to watch and what to ignore. There are plenty of good old films on the Internet, which are much better than today’s blockbusters. Sometimes, it is more beneficial to watch them, instead of going to a cinema and wasting money on poor products.

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