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Essay About Santa: Write About a Fictional Character

Santa Claus

Now, you could be asking yourself, how difficult is it to write an essay about Santa? However, you may be in a conundrum, when you professor wants to you describe a fictional character in a school essay. Even describing a real character can be a big problem. This happens because you know too much about a subject and are simply at a loss on how to better organize that big lump of information that you possess about something. The key is in laying out a detailed plan that will guide you through your writing. That is why, it is time to hop on your sleigh and get your essay done at!

Get Your Reindeer Ready

First of all, jot down a plan on how you want to structure your essay. We advise you to include three sections: appearance, personality and meaning. In this article we will tell you how to write them. However, you are free to organize your essay in the way that looks like the most logical to you!

Their Look

Especially if the character in question is someone your reader may be unaware of, you should first focus your attention on how your character looks like. Do not rush into describing their hair length or eye color, as this information is too peculiar and no one is likely to remember it. You should start with the age, gender, race and overall body shape of your character. If your character is, on the other hand, someone who everyone is aware of, like, in our case Santa Claus, you can spark your reader’s attention by adding peculiarities, or describing their appearance in a fun way. You can add that Santa’s belly is large enough to contain all the cookies that the children prepare for him under their Christmas tree, or that his nose is red from the cold winter air.


Santa dresses in red and white, he has a coat and a hat, this is a well-known fact. However, try to describe his clothes in more details. Why do you think he wears such kind of clothes? Probably because the North Pole is a very cold place and he has to wear warm clothes because his job is at night in the winter! Elaborate on his sack of presents and his boots, make up theories about the choice of color when he wears such clothes. If you take other fictional characters, their clothes can tell a lot about themselves, their style, their color, their texture and how your character treats those clothes as well.


While observing a character, this aspect is often overlooked. However, the posture can tell a lot about someone. Santa Claus, while being an obviously very old man, still has a straight back and can carry himself well. Now, it is unclear if this is due to magic or simply because he exercises by delivering so many heavy presents each year. You can make your own conclusions. The point is that you can draw a lot of conclusions from a character’s posture, and paint a more vivid picture for your reader to understand. Also, do not forget to include a peculiar way of walking, if your character has one.

Personality: Naughty or Nice?

Most fictional characters are part of a story, where they play the part of either heroes or villains. It is certainly understandable that Santa Claus himself is a very nice person, as he delivers free presents to the children all over the world. However, some may argue that he is a tad bit judgmental and does not bring presents to naughty children. A character’s personality is something that can be analyzed deeply and thoroughly, and many conclusions can be drawn from it. However, your task is to describe a character vividly and in such way that your reader can understand their stance on this character. Besides being a good man, Santa is also generous, communicable, optimistic and an overall fun person, who, instead of retiring and caring only for himself, decided to take up such an unusual hobby. He surely is a role model! Here are some other words that you can use.


Santa’s Sleigh

In this part of your article you can describe some of the routine actions that your character performs. In case with Santa, it is obviously present-giving, but other characters can be less obvious. The habits can characterize a person even more deeply than their appearance or clothes, and can shed some light on their personalities, so make sure to analyze them thoroughly. Describe them to someone as if they know nothing about this character, and you might find out some interesting details

Other Characteristics

Reread what you have written on your character and see if there are some details that you may have missed. Think about some questions that may arise in a reader that has no idea what character are you talking about. Where does Santa Clause live? Is he married? Does he have children? Make sure to include all the important details about him, and research them if you do not know.

Meaning to You

Christmas Presents

Now, this may be the most important part of any essay. Even if you master the descriptive part like a professional, your teacher will give you a bonus recognition if you include a detailed answer to the question: “Why did I choose this character?”, so make sure to provide one, in the end of your essay. Your Santa essay may be caused by the personal meaning of Christmas in your family, by the belief you have for him or by simple curiosity as to why is he so popular.

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