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Why Do Students Have Low Productivity at College: Know the Reasons

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Probably everyone is interested why some students have such a low productivity at the college or even school. They cannot cope with the simplest tasks or it takes them a couple of hours. Hence, these teenagers find themselves overwhelmed. However, their stress and tiredness are not caused by too complicated assignments. The main reason is that they work unproductively and waste their efforts and time. It is a pity, so we have already explained some ways of coping with this problem in the previous article. Nevertheless, you cannot do it without being acknowledged about the reasons why your productivity is low. Thus, we present the top of typical causes of the bad effectiveness of work among students. Look at them and indicate which one is the most suitable to your personal situation.

Emotional Conditions

It is a well-known fact that young people who are under stress or have an emotional breakdown have much lower productivity than others. The cause of such emotional disorders may be disturbing events, namely conflicts with people around, bad grades, control tests at college and so on. Often such small issues accumulate inside you and a stress or depression may appear. Hence, you will suffer from sad and negative thoughts and not be able to focus on your assignments. It means that the first thing you should do to increase your productivity is getting rid of stress. There are lots of useful techniques for it from doing yoga to attending a psychologist.

Bad Management Skills

Student Is Late

Without any doubts, you cannot be productive in case your time management skills are poor. You will not be able to meet deadlines and be on time at college. This is a common reason why young people are late at classes and cannot deal with large projects that have certain time limits. Moreover, these teenagers usually have problems with the simplest homework. They usually claim that there is not enough time for coping with all these college assignments while their classmates can do it successfully. These students work even during the night and have no sleep. Sure, there is no wonder why they have a low productivity.


Probably laziness is one of the major things which lead to the poor productivity. This quality is widespread among teenagers, who want to entertain themselves instead of studying. However, it is very harmful not just for the effectiveness of your work but also for your grades, relationships with others and a future job. Keep in mind that laziness depletes all opportunities and does not let you develop skills and talents. The best way of fighting against laziness is working a lot and changing your habits, even if it seems to be really difficult.

Influence of Other People

Company of Teens

It is true that a bad company may distract your attention and make you poorly concentrated. As a result, your productivity is becoming worse and worse. Sure, it is a pity as teenagers can barely cope with such a negative impact. Moreover, this may be impossible for them to tackle such issues on their own. Sometimes older students persuade them that there is no necessity to study well and be diligent. They just find that it is really unimportant and they just waste time at lectures without any attempt to memorize something. In this case, parents or good friends are people who can help students become more successful at college and increase their productivity.

The Lack of Experience

It is true that the lack of experience and some important skills may be the main reason for low productivity at studying. Sure, it is truly hard to deal with this problem. Actually, it does not depend on you. Experience comes with your age and it is natural to have its lack while being a teenager. However, you can avoid mistakes caused by the absence of life skills and knowledge thanks to others’ tips and hints or some Internet tutorials. Sure, there are lots of students who truly wish to become more productive but they simply do not know how to do it. In this case, they should use others’ pieces of advice.

Health Conditions

Do not forget that it is truly hard to save a normal productivity while being ill. If you feel chronic tiredness, probably have a fever and a bunged up nose, then obviously, there is no desire to do anything at all. Moreover, a young person can barely read something with a high concentration. Studying seems to be a punishment in such a case. Thus, it is much better to have a good rest and treat your illnesses. After it, you will work in an extremely effective way. Do not be afraid of losing your time as you will turn it back later thanks to the high speed of dealing with tasks. In addition, studying will bring no positive results when you are ill and feel poorly.

Finally, there are several reasons why teenagers suffer from low productivity at the college or school. Sometimes they are not guilty in it. There is no one to blame when you have the lack of productivity. It is much better to improve it and develop some useful habits that will help you deal with tasks quicker and more effectively. In the next article, we will explain some methods of coping with your homework in the fastest and most effective way.

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