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Student Secrets: How to Have a Productive Early Morning. Part 1

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Basically, we are going to show you how to be a better morning person. We know that many people are thinking: “It is easy for you, you like mornings.” To tell the truth, many people had to train themselves to be a morning person. They would like to sleep more, but they got used to wake up, for example, at 5.30 a.m. every single day. So, if they managed to do it, you can simply do that too. And you will notice how much more productive you are at dealing with your classes and college essays.

Be Motivated to Get Up

The first tip is the most meaningful here. If you do not follow it, none of the other tips will work. That is having the motivation, the strong desire to get from underneath your warm blanket at 6 a.m. You should define for yourself what is the main point, why you want to change your lifestyle. Maybe, you rush to school and you just realize that you should stop being late? Do you have any major fitness goals that you are trying to achieve?

Having a goal is much more important than you can imagine. Of course, many people live and work in an aimless mode and feel great. This is one of the scenarios that is chosen quite often, so it is necessary to reckon with it. However, this does not suit us. It is like walking in the desert without a single landmark and interest in either the starting point or the end one.

You have to find out what is your drive to spend those early morning hours productively. Think about some goals that you have achieved or that you want to achieve: they all require you to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you simply need to do certain things that may turn out to be uncomfortable and difficult for you.

For example, if it is losing weight, you might need to start working out more, give up some of this junk food that you like, and start eating healthier food. So, all these great things that we want to achieve require work from us.

Imagine a situation that you planned an early rise without any purpose, purely for the sake of trying. Of course, it is easy to talk about it the previous evening. You are still relatively cheerful, your head is still functioning, maybe you are at the peak of enthusiasm, which, in fact, is not based on anything. In that case, it is sad to imagine what will happen in the morning.

Of course, you will wake up to the alarm. And immediately your head, heavy from sleep, will get filled with a lot of pressing thoughts: "Why get up? There is no reason for that, I can sleep a little longer", "What is the point? I still have nothing to do, I need to sleep on," "I did not get enough sleep, why should I get up early?", etc. The most terrible thing is that all this is true, and you cannot deny it. You really have nothing to do, there is no goal, there is not the very motivation that we have talked about. Therefore, you obey your desires and continue to sleep. And this is not what we are trying to achieve.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Motivational Quotes

Changing your lifestyle to that of a morning person will be uncomfortable in the beginning. We all like to sleep a little more. But later, when you get used to it, and it becomes your usual routine without any worries, you will realize that with this simple habit you have more time for you, self-care, and all your goals and plans.

Anything uncomfortable in your life, anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone is usually a good thing. All successful people started their journey feeling uncomfortable, they did not know what they were doing, they did not know how to learn some things that seemed scary for them. But they all ended up being great. Think of the things in your own life when you had to step out of your small comfort zone, and it appeared to be a good boost for your success.

Why Should You Do This?

You will be able to write your essays more efficiently if you devote more time to them. Set your own morning routine that would be special for you and bring you positive emotions, keeping you productive all day. If you do not fully understand how it can influence your life, we recommend that you watch TED talks. “How waking up every day at 4.30 a.m. can change your life” definitely will make you motivated for acquiring this habit.

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