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Procrastination and Productivity: Can a Student Overcome Laziness? Part 2


Start with the Most Unpleasant Issues

It is essential to start with the things that you dislike the most and find them impossible to do. In this case, you will save a lot of time as your productivity will be at a high level when you work on these unpleasant tasks. They may be annoying, stupid or simply too complicated for you. Anyway, it is important to understand that such assignments are necessary to do as well. You should see them as a kind of challenge. On the other hand, you can start with the biggest tasks which demand a lot of time and efforts. Try to motivate yourself in such a way. As soon as you deal with a certain task, you will be able to forget about this unpleasant thing forever and stop thinking how to tackle such assignment.

Get Satisfaction from Things You Do

Teenager Is Happy

One more significant point is that you have to get satisfaction from the things you do even if they are difficult, unpleasant or you just dislike such activities. Your target is to learn how to become happier after completing each of such assignments. How can you do it? First of all, you can create some rewards for yourself when you deal with a task. It will bring you more pleasure and cover all negative emotions which you get while working on it. Secondly, you can persuade yourself of the importance and usefulness of these tasks. Thus, you will see your personal achievements clearly and be satisfied with the done work. Sometimes young people feel happiness simply because they have done their assignments on their own and proved their skills and talents.

To sum up, these points may be difficult to deal with and use all of them in practice. However, it is possible to do even for young people. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you need a strong desire to overcome procrastination and work productively. Do not forget that this is a key to success in all spheres of human activity. None of the employers appreciates lazy workers who postpone tasks and then get no results. Hence, you have to learn how to be effective and cope with everything quickly at the young age. These are not just theoretical skills which you will never use in your life. You will not regret memorizing this information as it can be really helpful for reaching success both for students and adults.

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