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Procrastination and Productivity: Can a Student Overcome Laziness? Part 1

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The majority of young people often complain that they have not enough time and that is why they study badly and cannot reach any success in their life. At the same time, their fellows are able to cope with all issues effectively and quickly. They even may work less time than unfortunate students but reach pretty good results. Why does this happen? A big part of people just thinks that it is impossible to spend several hours per day on studying and be smart and get good grades. Nevertheless, it is real in case you work productively, manage your time and encourage yourself. It is a pity but many young people nowadays suffer from procrastination. It is not a kind of disease but it affects a student’s life badly. Its harm to your health and emotional conditions may be incredible. Thus, procrastination should be reduced as soon as possible. Luckily, even an ordinary student can do this without any professional help.

Have a List of Tasks

Probably you have some tasks, which you have postponed for a long time and now even you do not realize, what you should do with them. Sure, no one wants to solve old problems and complete assignments which were hidden in the desk for months. It is much easier to forget about them at all. Nevertheless, you will encounter several troubles in such a case. For example, if you do not present your project at college just because you have no desire to complete it, your professor will be angry and irritated. Thus, you should indicate all tasks you still have to do even if they are quite old. Then, you have to finish all of them according to this list. Thanks to this step, you will feel more freely and not think about postponed problems all the time. It greatly helps clear one’s mind and work more productively in the future.

Stay Well-Motivated

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It is a usual thing when people postpone doing something just because they have no encouragement for working right now. Such situations are widespread among students. Young people often suffer from laziness and see no exact reason why they have to study well. It is possible to solve it just thanks to self-motivation. However, it may be not easy to encourage yourself for doing some large and long-termed projects which demand a lot of time and money. Usually, students just ignore these assignments. However, it is not appropriate for you. It is essential to start with small goals and remind yourself about them day by day. Such targets will help you keep the pace and continue working even when you have no desire to do anything.

We will continue to consider this topic in the next part of this article.

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