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Police Brutality Essay

Police Arrests Crime

Despite the fact that police is considered to be a service which provides security and prevent crimes, many people claim that it is uncontrolled and might be dangerous for the ordinary person. As an argument, a lot of violent acts made by constabularies exist. Consequently, people’s trust and loyalty were faded away. Here are main points of which one should be aware.

Too Much Power

Undoubtedly, the major reason of police brutality is its uncontrolled and almost unlimited nature. Officers are free to arrest, catch people, take away their possessions and sometimes even use force and beat them. It is complicated to punish constabularies using the law; often people cannot win such lawsuits. In addition, every police officer has a handgun. Of course, it is helpful while fighting against dangerous crime but sometimes innocent ones suffer.

Poor and Bereaved

Police usually violently act against lower classes because ordinary workers have nothing to do with such kind of behavior. They can arrest innocent people and by torturing make them admit the offence. The worst is that this part of society hasn’t got enough money for getting a lawyer and start a fight against police contrariness and injustice.

Stereotyped Bullying

Very often, police officers have prejudgments about particular social or ethnical group and its members suffer from uncontrollability of this service. For example, there are many stereotypes about Afro-Americans, constabulary rather prosecutes one of them than a person with European appearance. As an opinion that among colored people the rate of crimes is higher. Moreover, police has to protect people independently from their race, sex, nation and so on. However, very often officer’s decision is based on his own thoughts.

Reason for Fear

Such kind of police behavior becomes the reason why people don’t like and don’t believe police; they ignore it and even have a fear of it. As a result, there more unsolved crimes and danger for society. People have nobody to ask to protect them from lawbreakers because they find police is nothing better. Ones rarely support investigations, give evidence and call to the constabulary while seeing something suspicious.

Police Station

Decrease of Moral

People start thinking that morality of the community is diminishing, they don’t respect police and government, organize protests and demonstrations. Consequently, there is no peace between law and society, between different classes and social groups. In addition, outcries may become a reason of death of innocent ones. Police, because of its cruelty, is not considered to be helpful, fair and rightful organ, it becomes a kind of deterrence.

Hard to Punish

Maybe, the worst thing is that cases of police cruelty are hard to fixate and punish. There are not many officers who were arrested because of their unhuman behavior. Usually, if a guilt of constabulary is proved they can be discharged and nothing more. Is a fair punishment for the torturing of detained? Of course, not many officers will be happy to start investigation against his colleague.

All in all, there are a lot of unfair arrests, cases of torturing of detained and other unmoral cases made by police officers. How to solve this problem and make people believe in the law? Strict control should be applied, and all inaccuracies or violent events have to be fixated. The punishment for unfair police officers should also be much harder than just discharging.

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