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Have Enough Time for All: Plan Your Perfect Week. Part 1

Cute Ideas for Planning

Many of us want to do a lot, and you probably have a huge list of things you would like to do, but also the list of things that you wish you could do if you had more time for it. So, in this article, we will share some tips and also an exercise you can do to help you organize your schedule and get time for every activity. Use academic services of and save your time.

Get Rid of Distractions

An important step to finding some time for everything you want to do is to allocate distraction time. We think that most of us feel like our schedules are so full, and we have no time for anything. In reality, there are so many parts of our day where we lose track on social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc. You do not even notice it, but sometimes you just get distracted and actually waste a lot of time.

So, the best thing here is to learn how to focus and make the most of your time. There are some techniques you can use, for example, a Pomodoro timer, which is like a twenty-five-minute timer to set and then you focus for those twenty-five minutes – you cannot do anything else for this time.

Start to take notes of where your attention goes throughout your day, whether you are actually productive or not. If you are constantly getting distracted, if you find yourself trailing off opening new tabs, looking at random things, then we highly recommend either starting a social media detox or downloading those apps that block certain websites, or something else that will help you use your time more wisely and turn your mind to work.

Do not think that these are radical measures. Sometimes, in order to start working, we need something more than just illusory incentives. If you are able to set limits in the name of discipline, then you will succeed. This is very important especially for those who are accustomed to postpone business. You must remember that tasks do not go anywhere, but only accumulate, which negatively affects your further motivation. It is better to do everything consistently.

Avoid Multitasking

Numerous studies have proven that any person is more effective when he or she focuses on one thing at a time. So, multitasking technique is a myth, it is in fact not more efficient or productive. It is so much better to focus on one thing at a time instead of constantly switching between different tasks.  

Ideal Plan

Girl Dreaming

The next thing is an exercise to plan out your ideal day and week, filled with all you would like to do. This is just an exercise that will help you to create a guideline for your schedule. It helps to see how you can make it work. Even though it might seem rigid to some of you, just remember that this should be used as a guideline, not like a strict schedule that you are supposed to follow every day.

Planning is often a theoretical concept. In order to understand whether it is effective or not, it is necessary to try to implement it. This can be done gradually and in part. This way you can understand if this scheme suits you.

First Step

The first step to start planning is to decide on your non-negotiables. That is all you have or want to do. Decide all of those: most likely it is the university, your student job, your homework and college essays, and then maybe you have some other things that are non-negotiable – make a list of all of them.

Imagine Your Life Perfect

Beautiful Businesswoman

The next step is dreaming. Write down a list of all you want to do in your ideal life and week. While you are making that list, estimate the time you want to spend on each item on that list per day or per week. For example, “I would love to do morning pages every day for twenty minutes, to meditate five to ten minutes minimum, to spend an hour or two a week doing yoga and an hour or two a week taking online classes.”

When you see a list of assignments, you present your future more clearly. It helps to concentrate. In addition, you realize that all these are necessary things that make up your life. Ignoring anything from the list you compiled leads to a violation of discipline. In turn, this completely destroys efficiency and nullifies all your aspirations for proper planning.

Create Your Ideal Schedule  

You should plan your hours in a week from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, from Sunday till Saturday. Firstly, you are going to put on your non-negotiable schedule, whether it is your school or work one. We know that some things are very flexible, but just do your best.

Despite the circumstances that may hinder your plans, you should not despair. All external factors can be somehow taken into account so that they do not become unexpected for you. If you are ready for the interference of events that do not depend on you, then you may have ready-made alternative scenarios. They will help you stay calm and act further in accordance with the planned strategy.

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