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Ideas for Composing an Essay About Pets

Cats and Dogs

Surely you have encountered such a situation when a teacher assigns a topic that is so easy that it will be surprisingly difficult to write about. Indeed, the easier the topic, the more school papers were already written on it, and it will be difficult to write a non-plagiarized essay that will score a high mark. Let us show you the process of brainstorming for essay ideas using the following hypothetical title for your paper: “Pets”. In this article you will find out what kind of topics you can choose based on the type of your work. Hopefully you will be able to apply these ideas on practice.

Comparative Essay

There are many types of essay you can choose, look here for some ideas. In a comparative essay focus on two aspects of the given topic. You should choose something that is likely to spark an issue. For example, it will be meaningless to write an essay that compares cats

Pro and against owning pets

Regardless of the fact if you are yourself a lucky owner of a fluffy animal, you are sure to have opinions about the fact of owning pets. Is it morally right? Or, if you would like to contemplate simpler matters, what are the advantages of having pets? Sure, they often nibble on your earphones and scratch against the sofa, but the comfort they give is nice too, isn’t it? There are a lot of topics you could explore.

Pro and against shelters

Animal Shelter

Focusing on more socially necessary topics, with your essay you could explore the pluses and minuses of animal shelters. Do they protect or harm animals more? What is the benefit of establishing shelters? Do animals in shelters get mistreated? You may need to carry out a research before dwelling on this topic.

Pro and against castration

Any pet owner has encountered the problem of unnecessary cubs. Here we return to the question of morale. Are you entitled enough to remove a natural part of a life cycle of your pet because of the trouble it gives you or not? This question may cause a debate, and that is why it is a good one to choose for your comparative essay.

Persuasive Essay

If you feel like being an advocate for our friends from the animal world, there is nothing better than a persuasive essay. You can be a spokesperson for a great cause! Here are some ideas that you can explore.

Say no to pets as surprise gifts

Presents Pets

A severe issue during the holiday season, giving out pets to family or friends without their knowledge or consent is not right. A pet is a living creature that requires constant care and attention, it is practically another family member. You cannot expect someone who did not choose it to care for it long enough. This issue results in hundreds of abandoned animals every year. If it is something that strikes close to home, you can choose to write a paper on it, and it will no doubt be very powerful.

Respect your pets

Some people believe that pets are inferior to us. Sure, animals do not have the same level of intelligence as humans, but that does not mean that they are inferior or deserve no respect. A lot of pets get harassed daily by humans that mistreat them based on their inferiority. Animal abuse is a serious problem, that should be brought attention to, and you could do it in your essay.

Expository Essay

If you are fond of getting to the core of the problem, you could try writing an expository essay. Research a problem that is important to you and find out the facts about it. Then, by using these facts you can write an exemplary piece of writing that will be informative and enlightening for your reader.

How many shelters are there in your city?

Exploring the locations and activity of the shelters will give you a rough idea of the animal situation in your city. Concentrate on the types of animals the shelters keep, on the conditions where they are kept, on the financial support behind each institution. There are many directions where your essay can take you so make sure to stick to a logical structure and follow your main question.

Which pets are more likely to be adopted?

Yet again, it will be hard to find out actual statistical data about this issue, but you can try referring to the shelters once again. For example, you may find out that injured pets are less likely to be adopted. Old pets are also not very popular with kids and families who are looking for a lifelong friendship with their animal. However, that does not mean that injured or old pets are useless. Show your points regarding this in your essay.

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