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Blog - Page 6

Sample Essay on Life Organization: Tips for Beginners

Ideas for Planning

You can watch many videos or read articles about organization, where you are told to do this, this and this, but, in fact, it's not so easy. You cannot just wake up one morning and become a new super organized person: it takes time. So, here we will discuss the important things that are the foundation of organization which will help you create new routines and habits for yourself.

Study Productively: Spend Your Breaks Effectively

Girl Drinking Tea

It is very important not only to do breaks between classes every 40-50 minutes but also spend these breaks effectively. Just scrolling Instagram feed or watching videos on YouTube is not the way to let you relax and restore your energy. So, we have some study break ideas for you: with them, you will be able to get back to studying with more energy and ability to concentrate. And while you are reading, writers from can help you with your essay or another homework.

Image of a Teacher in the XXI Century

Teacher at the Blackboard

Teacher profession is not unanimously regarded as either positive or negative. In fact, there are two mutually exclusive points: working as a teacher as something really out of fashion or retrograde, on the one hand, or teacher as a wisdom guide and a creator of different breakthroughs in lives of other people, on the other hand. So, Essaytwist’s judgement follows: what are the most widespread teacher incarnations now and perhaps for the years to come, whether it’s still worth being a teacher, and in which versions exactly.

The French and Their Hard Time Learning English

Child Learning English

If you have ever been to France and happen to address the French in English, you already know how funny they sound. And being funny is not the worst thing you can suspect these people of. Their English is just third-rate, to say the least, or even out of stock. If you have ever been puzzled at such a barbarism, well, now it’s time to get things straight.

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