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An Outcast in a Group. Essence of the Problem

Social Outcast

There can be a lot of problems in modern student life, and they have to be solved independently, starting from your new independent life. It is possible that there may be conflicts and skirmishes with the teachers – personal dislike or you were incompatible. Someone is dominated by difficulties with study and achievement, because a huge amount of knowledge is not in a hurry to stay too long in a seemingly brilliant mind. But what if you became an outcast in the group?

Indeed, in each academic group such a student meets – a hermit who leads a separate way of life, does not contact with fellow students, but, that is for sure, his or her existence in the audience is not always noticeable.

There are two options: either he or she is completely satisfied with everything, or he or she simply does not know how to change this unenviable status.

In the latter case, there is a real chance to gain a sense of communication, if you timely admit your mistakes.

What can it be?

  1. Internal conflict with the leader of the academic group;
  2. Needlessly provocative behavior during the lectures;
  3. Excessive communication with teachers;
  4. Unpromising role of informer;
  5. Ambitions and superficial attitude to others;
  6. Constant absence at lectures;
  7. Disinterest in communicating with the groupmates.

As a rule, a global mistake is made in the first year, when the student is only adjusting to the new student life.

It is a casual oversight for someone, and others deliberately separate themselves from the whole collective, considering themselves to be higher, worthier, more promising.

If you take groupmates not as assistants, but as the biggest competitors, then you cannot talk about pleasant communication and friendship.

Some students understand their mistakes and strive to set themselves on the right path, while others, on the contrary, continue to make a rod for their own back.

This is a wrong approach since there will not be any memories, even smiles on the lips, about the graduation.

It is time to re-play a not very pleasant acquaintance, to get in touch and find the same common language with the groupmates. But how to do that?

Advice #1. Participation in Public Life

Student life is not only a continuous educational process, it is also a social life that includes creative performances of the academic group, travel and hikes, joint celebrations of holidays.

Do not ignore such simple tasks, because you will be seen, you will be remembered and will certainly be gotten to take part in it more than once.

You do not even know how many positive moments participation in university concerts and performances can bring to you. This participation will help you acquire the favor of teachers, in addition, not only your groupmates, but students of the whole university will strive to communicate with you.

Such students will not lack friends. As a result, the main goal is achieved, and five years of student life will fly in one breath, so to speak.

A student newspaper is another way to prove yourself as a fully developed personality or a student with limitless talents.

If you can beautifully draw – do it, if you have a literary talent – create and write, you have a tendency to oratorical abilities – dare to the rostrum.

All interested persons will certainly find employment. Take the initiative, no one will specifically look for your deep-seated talents and try to awaken you from intellectual lethargy. If you do not do this yourself, then no one else will do it.

Advice #2. Exemplary Studies

If excellent pupils are often boycotted at school, then such radical attitudes and beliefs are certainly not in the students' favor.

An excellent student is a person who will always help with homework, who can help during the answer and during independent work, who will become the ideal companion during laboratory work. Indeed, the excellent students are best friends.

The excellent student should not be conceited, and if necessary, it is desirable to voluntarily share his or her boundless knowledge.

If they take an active position in the academic group and are imbued with problems of their fellow students, leadership positions in the future are provided to them.

Loneliness clearly does not threaten such people, and after graduation, they will gain not only a full bundle of knowledge and memories, but also a lot of good acquaintances and even loyal friends.

Do not forget about your own studies and grades. Everyone will receive a diploma, and you would better get a diploma with honors.

That is why it is required to distribute your time, live in the same "golden mean", which will bring students closer to you and not hamper the educational process.

Advice #3. First Meeting

The first impression of a person begins with the acquaintance. In the first year, an unfamiliar team gathers in an academic group, who will be coexisting, communicating and even getting along.

The positive features of nature are the following:

  • Sociability;
  • Openness;
  • Kindness;
  • Understanding;
  • Sympathy;
  • Purposefulness;
  • Ability to defend one's opinion;
  • Sense of humor;
  • Politeness;

The negative features of nature are the following:

  • Duplicity;
  • Flattery;
  • Falsity;
  • Procuring;
  • Mediation;
  • Aggression;
  • Evil satire;
  • Excessive activity;
  • "Black ship";

In terms of these qualities of character, a student should understand how to behave in a new society, how to find a common language with strangers, what to do for mass communication and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Advice #4. Spark

Each student has the own spark, and it should be actively used in the student's life. Someone is a happy owner of an incredibly kind smile, someone jokes superbly, someone always finds a way out of any situation. Find your spark and use it. Then loneliness will pass you by.

You can always take advantage of your real material wealth, which will also improve your relationships with the groupmates.

For example, one student already has a personal vehicle, and he or she can always provide the classmates with it for a joint trip to nature. The second student has a country house where you can go on holidays and have fun with all your heart. The third student can order a cafe to celebrate another important date. And the fourth takes care of all organizational issues.

So you need to use all the opportunities to establish contact in the academic group, to approve yourself, to interest disinterested groupmates and to evoke an unlimited sense of respect. As is known, all is fair in love and war.

Advice #5. Profitable Position

In order not to become an outcast in the academic group, you need to think about a prospective position in the first year.

For example, you can nominate your candidacy for the role of the head of the academic group.

Such people are always respected, moreover, one reckons with their opinion even in the dean's office.

No one will risk quarreling with the head of the academic group and especially no one will make such people outcasts.

However, it is necessary to think about this in the first year since pedestals do not stay empty for long.

If you miss this opportunity, the second chance may not occur.

So, it is important to determine your life position, set a goal and tirelessly follow it in the first year.

Advice #6. Influential Patrons

If the student is not able to take a leadership position, then he or she at least does not have to quarrel with the leaders.

You can always compromise, while not humiliating your pride and not forgetting about dignity.

You can choose the position of "neutrality", which will allow surviving "afloat" for five years.

Also, the position of the "black ship" is erroneous, which will lead to nothing good in the academic group.

Students will still support the leader, and outcasts will be morally expelled from their friendly team.

Of course, no one talks about the absence of your own opinion, but it is desirable to express it with loyalty, so as not to offend anyone.

Advice #7. Holistic Personality

Every student, even the first-year one, is an already formed integral personality that cannot be bent or broken.

It is important to determine what your position in the academic group is, and adhere to it throughout the educational process.

Let not all agree, but respect is unequivocally present to a solid and self-confident person.

However, one should not forget about friends either, because loneliness at the university is not just burdensome, but it also deprives the incentive to learn and strive for new heights.

Still, it is worthwhile to find like-minded people with whom it will be pleasant to talk, and just live on the same wavelength.

It is always more cheerful together, and five years of study will fly by in an instant, will leave the most positive memories for all life.

So, the status of an outcast is not a sentence yet, and one can always change the attitude of others around you.

This is very important, because you must necessarily be supported, at least morally, within the walls of the university. So, the world is your oyster, it remains only to reconsider your position in life!

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