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Online Course: Organize Yourself Physically and Psychologically

Online Learning

To pass an online course, one needs to apply some effort on self-organization and developing a proper motivation. The following hints will aid in this challenging task.

Some Advice About Organizing of the Surrounding Area

  • You should use the soundproof headphones. It will help you block all outside sounds and focus on the task.
  • You can listen to the music, which helps you concentrate. Many trainees use this method to avoid the “wandering” thoughts.
  • You must organize the place, where you study. You should make it comfortable and enjoyable. If you place the motivational pictures in the eye shot, you will feel inspired.
  • The doors must be shut. This is simple, but effective.
  • You should put the list of goals on your workplace. You can start from the ten goals. The presence of that list will help you see your main aim.
  • You can do the exercises during the online studying. You should remember that it is helpful only if you do not need to write down the lecture or solve practical tasks.
  • You have to get up and get away from computer from time to time. Again, if you do not need to solve some practical tasks and answer the test questions, it will help you to avoid the temptation to check what is occurring in the other tabs in the browser.

Techniques of The Social Studying

Studying in Groups
  • You can engage in the group studying. It is a powerful and a proven motivator. You should find the study group at the discussion during the course or create your own.
  • You are able to find a mentor for the course.
  • You should find a friend, who will study with you. You can also meet someone at the forum or sign in with somebody.
  • You should find a person to report about your results. This is a great method to stay motivated. All you need is to find a friend, who will listen about your achievements and plans once a week.

Psychological Tricks

Motivated Person
  • You have to encourage yourself after successfully done tasks. If you deal with one task successfully, you should watch one funny video about cats.
  • You are able to pay for course certificate. According to the evidences of MOOC organizers, people who pay for course certificate are ten times more likely to complete the course.
  • You should fix your achievements. You can demonstrate your certificates on Linkedln profile or educational portfolio, or somewhere in your own private list. You must be sure, that you watch out your success.
  • Your intentions have to be announced. If you sign in a new course, you should write about it on Facebook, Twitter, tell your friends and colleagues.
  • You can use MOOC as a reward after doing less pleasant tasks. Instead of perceiving MOOC as a new task, you should distinguish them as a reward for completing the difficult or unpleasant task.
  • You should try the method “just begin”. It means, that if you make just one step, you will continue. What the simplest thing can you do to begin? You can open a web page, log in or start reading the curriculum. You can also open the first lecture and let it load. Using the method “just begin” is much easier than the method “just keep going”.
  • You have to try dressing for the studying as you get dressed for the job. This trick will allow you to behave professionally and be serious and focused on the task.
  • You must draw up yourself small tasks. Like the method “just begin”, if you divide the work into small sub-tasks, such as video or tests, you will be able to complete the course much easier, spending a few minutes per day.

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