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How to Make Up with Your Bestie?

People Have Quarrel

It is true that even the strongest and the most long-lasting friendship is not secured from quarrels. Reasons are different, but the result is usually the same: ruined relationships and the loss of the best friend. Sure, it will probably make you upset and even depressed as no one can imagine his or her life without good buddies with whom it is possible to share troubles, difficulties and so on.

Hence, the majority of students try to protect their friendship from arguments. However, none of them knows what to do if a quarrel happens. Sometimes, quick and deliberate decisions or actions may save your friendship from ruining. Unfortunately, in the most cases, young people behave wrongly and provoke only a bigger conflict. Our team wants to help them and presents some effective ways of solving conflicts and making up with your best friend.

Understand the True Reason

It is significant to detect the true cause of your conflict. You would not be able to solve it without a clear understanding why this quarrel happened. So, it is vital to think of all the situations: your and your friend’s behavior, actions, sayings and even a tone of your talk. Do not make any decisions without such analyzing. We demonstrate some of the typical reasons why young people have arguments with their buddies below.


The major part of all quarrels is caused by misunderstanding. It happens very often even in the case of close and long-lasting friendship. The cause of it may be idle gossip, for example. When you hear something unpleasant about your buddy, it is not 100% truth. People usually try to add something false while gossiping and as a result, you will hear only someone’s opinion, prejudgments and so on, but not true information.


Teenagers Arguing

Sure, this is a rare thing in the case of close relationships, but it happens. Probably, the majority of students had this feeling at least once in their life. The object of jealousy may be your buddy’s new car, success in private life or even good grades at college. Some teenagers cannot stand the moment when their friends get better grades for school essays than they do. Of course, this is a wrong approach to friendship. In addition, this problem can be easily solved: you can order an essay on and not worry about the fact that your paper will be worse.

Bad Habits

It sometimes happens that young people dislike their friends’ habits and the way they behave in certain situations. Sure, almost everyone does irritating things such as talking too much during the classes when other students try to concentrate. Such habits may become the reason for a quarrel if you do not explain to your buddy that the things he or she does annoy you.

Our Methods and Strategies

People Communicating

So, you are aware of some of the most common reasons why good friends have an argument. However, you still need to learn several effective ways of solving conflicts and making up with your buddy. Our team compiled the main steps you should do after understanding the reason of your quarrel.

Take a Break

It is significant not to say or do anything before you think of your argument. You should discover not only its reason, but also find the way out. You should not try to make up right after an argument. Probably, both you and your friend are angry and upset. So, it is better to wait at least several minutes and give each other some time to think. It usually helps calm down and control your emotions, which is very important if you do not want to abuse your friend and make your conflict even worse. If you see that your buddy needs more time to think, you should not hurry with making up. You cannot urge him or her to be friends with you. Let other person calm down the emotions and become patient.

Estimate Your Buddy

You have to remind yourself about your friend’s qualities which you appreciate and respect. It will help you understand the true value of your friendship. Surely, this person has supported you several times and helped you overcome some trouble in your life. You should think about these events and situations instead of his or her failures and mistakes. Only if you really estimate your friendship, you will be able to make up with your buddy.

Do Not Blame Someone

Friends Have Argument

It is a common situation when people start blaming each other after a quarrel happens. Sure, this is a completely wrong approach. You will only make a conflict worse in this case. It is important not to seek the guilty. The main target is solving an argument and renewing your friendship. Do not show your buddies their mistakes and tell them that it is their fault because most of the teenagers will feel upset after this. You should take a step forward and explain that it does not really matter who caused this argument.

Be Respectful

You should remember that you cannot use your friend or downplay his rights and interests. The true friendship exists only when people have equal positions. Hence, it is significant to find a compromise, which is suitable for both of you. It means you have to respect your friend even if your opinions regarding something are different. Keep in mind that if your attitude is disrespectful and impolite, you will encounter the same reaction of your friend. The main target in any quarrel is to find a certain compromise to satisfy everyone.

All in all, it is essential to know at least the most effective and widespread ways of solving conflicts with your besties and making up with them. If you do not know how to save your relationships, it will be hard for you to deal with everyday arguments, which happen with all of us. Moreover, you will not be able to build strong and long-lasting friendship as even small quarrels can ruin it if they are not solved effectively. We hope that this article will be useful for you and you will make up with your buddies quickly in the future. Keep in mind that patience and respect are the keys to successful relationship.

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