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Sample Essay on Life Organization: Tips for Beginners

Ideas for Planning

You can watch many videos or read articles about organization, where you are told to do this, this and this, but, in fact, it's not so easy. You cannot just wake up one morning and become a new super organized person: it takes time. So, here we will discuss the important things that are the foundation of organization which will help you create new routines and habits for yourself. We will give you the first steps to begin to change and become more organized. And in the meantime, professional writers from will help you with your homework.

Keep Your Space Clean

The first thing that can have a great influence on your life is decluttering. Actually, it is much more than just decluttering, it can change everything in your life. Everything will become much easier if it is clean: your house is less likely to be dirty as before. The presence of dirty space demotivates; it is hard to become organized if things do not have a specific place.

So, you may realize that you have too much stuff and not enough space to keep it all. In general, we own too much stuff as humans, and we put too much emotional connection with objects, and that is truly weird. You should definitely spend some time learning how to be better at decluttering. At first, it is going to be really hard for you, because you will have that really odd emotional connection with things, but as you practice it, and you get better at it, you will be able to throw stuff out regularly.

Why Should You Do That?

Organizing Clothes

Such a practice totally changes your environment, so it is worth your time. Although, decluttering can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, and probably you do not even want to start because you do not know where to start.

How to Start

The easiest step to start is to pick a space within your house, for example, a wardrobe with your clothing, and to refresh everything, get rid of unnecessary things. We think that your clothing is the easiest point to start with, because half of your mess in your room is clothes.

It is true for many people that clothes cause so much mess because we own too many items and we do not wear even half of them. You can start with cleaning up one drawer a day, and even if you throw out at least one thing, you make some progress. After two weeks or a month, you will realize that it is much easier to do it, and then, eventually, you will have enough space for all your clothes. Moreover, putting clothes away will not be an issue anymore because they will fit neatly in your drawers.

Discipline will also contribute to your academic performance, because it affects all areas of your life. If you have problems, you can always get a professional essay help, the main thing is to know who to contact.

What Should You Throw Out?

Cleaning the Wardrobe

How can you know what to throw out? There are some standard rules: if you have not worn something for the last six months, think whether you are going to wear it the next week. If not, then get rid of it. If you are unsure, give it a week, and if you do not wear it – get rid of it. You can keep things that have sentimental value for you, that mean a lot to you, and if you have great memories of them. But there are so many other dresses that you have just bought for different occasions and then just stopped wearing, so it is not necessary to keep them: get rid of them.

Other Options

If you do not want to clean your wardrobe, do something else in your house. You can start with your desk and just clean a little section by little section, do a little bit each day, or do it all in one day on weekend. The main point here is that you should not feel like you have to clean an entire room or your whole house in one day. This is a long process, you have to understand that this is will not happen straight away, and you have to keep doing it again and again, because we buy things, we add them to our houses, and if we do not get rid of unnecessary things, then these things oppress us and our mental equilibrium.

First Step to Life Organization

Clean Minimalistic Room

Decluttering is going to change your approach to life organization. It is the most important part of it because it is too hard to get in and start organizing things when you have too many of them. We are not saying that you have to be a minimalist; you can collect things, but in general, it is about finding what works for you, finding the simplest form for you. Take your time, get used to it, and keep practicing – eventually, you will be able to throw stuff out without having any emotional attachment, and it will be amazing.

Making Notes

The second thing that we want to talk about is self-organization, mental organization. One of the habits of successful people is organization of all their thoughts: they write things down. If a pen and a notebook do not work for you, you can try digital diary notes in different phone apps, you can have calendars, whatever you need.

You will not see any changes in your affairs if you do not write them down. One of our favorite ways of creating to-do lists and working with things is not only using different notebooks and cute diaries but also literally just grabbing a plain piece of paper and writing your to-do list there.

Start Planning

Planner Layout Ideas

You can write down every single thing that you want. Then you can grab another piece of paper and write down everything that you would like to clean today or this week. For example, if it is your chest of drawers, you could write “Monday – top drawer, Tuesday – second drawer etc.” and break it down into more and more to-do lists. You can have many of them – a big to-do list for certain period of time, and then a smaller one for day or week.

Advance Your Organizational Style

After these simple steps, you can start working with really fun creative organizational things like mood boards and goal ideas that you can put on your wall, so you can visualize things. That is where it gets really fun. It is overwhelming if you do not have an idea where to start. Start writing a to-do list and decluttering your place: that is how you can practice your life organization as a beginner. By deleting finished cases from your to-do list, you can see how you feel, take a moment for that. You feel amazing, do you not? 

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