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Lectures at University: Waste of Time or Necessary Experience?

Boring Lecture

Is it necessary to attend lectures? This question was asked by hundreds of students. It’s not easy to study at a university and nothing exhausts learners more than long lectures, especially if they’re given by inexperienced or just bad lecturers. Nowadays, it’s possible to find enough information about any subject any time you like. The source of this information can be an internet, a library or even a conversation with wise people. That’s why a lot of students miss lectures calming themselves that they can prepare for the exam by themselves. To attend lectures or not to attend? Let’s take a look at all pros and cons.

Possibility to Stay at Home

First of all, in our time it’s possible to find the necessary material, even without leaving the house. It may be extremely important for students who live away from the university and the road may take more time that lecture itself. In this case, it’s tempting for them to succumb to the desire to stay at home and make up material from the lecture using their own resources or just rewriting lecture notes of the more diligent groupmates.

Attractive Alternatives

Another important point is that new technologies of teaching spread fast, especially on the internet. There are a lot of educational resources and leading universities of the whole world post on their websites lectures of well-known lecturers. If internet can’t help, libraries, older students and companies who help learners are at your disposal. So, you can find more interesting and qualitative material using these sources than ones which are offered by your teacher and save your time.

Studying Online

To Know Your Teacher – to Know Your Subject

On the other hand, the most part of lecturers interpret an absence of students on the lectures like personal offence and instead of preparing material that is more unusual, they just make problems with non-attendance, using information from other resources than lecture and so on. Almost all teachers consider the students’ attendance and remind it on an exam. Also, when you attend lectures, you can get to know your teacher, his or her behavior what helps to find a way to deal with them. The main thing is not to spoil the impression because of misbehavior during the lectures.

Useful Information

Besides, the material given on the lectures is concise. Teacher supplies only the necessary information, which should be on an exam or final test. Your notes will be useful for preparing for the examination too, because they contain summarized and complete knowledge base of a certain subject.

Freedom of Choice

When you listen and take notes of a lecture, you willy-nilly remember at least part of the given material, especially if the information provided is interesting and can be applied on practice, and lecturer delivers it in an extra-ordinary way. It is self-evident that lectures exist to alleviate a process of studying. Visual and auditory memories work in this case simultaneously. Furthermore, it’s up to you to decide, what’s worth to write and what’s not. In any case, it’s your own choice and if you feel that you can cope with an exam without any notes and lectures – miss them at your own risk.

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