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Learning Python: What to Start With

Man Coding in Front of the Screen

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of mastering several programming languages, but, lost in thoughts about such a bright future, you didn’t know what to do when it came to action. Today we’re going to talk about Python as a perfect option for your first programming language pick. Yes, that’s right, there is nothing new under the Sun: you heard about Python being the right choice many times, but today we’re only going to prove it right.

So, Why Python?

You have already seen this cute logo with a snake on it, and wondered what’s so good about it. Maybe several catch-phrases about code readability, a considerable number of libraries, comprehensive syntax were a great bonus point to you, but that was it. So, why Python? In fact, there are several reasons for this: firstly, it’s a really simple programming language, as compared to others, with a light syntax indeed. Secondly, being simple doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. Well, you must be thinking that beauty is something weird to start reflecting upon when it comes to not just beginner level in programming, but programming as a whole. Far from it.

If you have already been employed and worked in a creative area, be it design, filmmaking or any other area, and you have got this special sense of what is beautiful and what’s not, and moreover, you can’t do without this feeling for longer than half a day, then make no doubt about it: programming is exactly what you need. It isn’t deprived of this beauty at all. Maybe, it’s specific, of course, but you’ll be glad to know that your aesthetic sense won’t go down the drain on no account if you decided to be retrained for the new profession after all.

Having said that, Python can satisfy a number of requirements of a novice: firstly, of being simple, secondly, being beautiful and favoring the learning of “the right code,” thirdly, having access to numerous libraries to facilitate your work. And, of course, don’t forget the truly brilliant and helpful community around Python, that’s something that counts a lot here, especially when you are young blood.

First Steps

So, what to start with after you decided that you need Python, and Python, in its turn, needs you? There are multiple paths you may discover, as well as different people advocating for a specific vision of learning process. Be it as it may, the best option for you to begin grasping Python would be to start watching videos on YouTube and practicing.

Of course, there are other people, who claim that without a personal teacher or assistant at first it would be nearly impossible to tackle programming, but the thing is that finding some high-quality material and going ahead can do the trick. Why does such an approach have such an advantage? Well, because of the freedom of first steps and your flexible schedule, as here, only you regulate for how long you dive into Python, you can watch again and again the same episodes to make sure you mastered the material. 

Nevertheless, if you happen to have a good programmer by your side, don’t be above such opportunity, if he or she is ready to help you. Defining correctly the seals of your teacher is crucial. The best option would be addressing to him or her as to control manager. Your teacher’s role is primarily assessing what you already grasped and to what degree.

How to Improve Your Skills

So, you made your first steps toward being proficient in Python. You were diligently following through your assignments, and you can already boast of the first good results. What to do next? Without a doubt, you’ve got to continue learning Python with the help of numerous books available. You’ll find mentions about them in any quality vlog about Python.

If you feel that you need some more practice, feel free to look for more practical assignments (you can often find them even in videos you will be watching) and take your first freelance orders, maybe even without remuneration. That’ll be your first trial by fire. Don’t forget about advice from your teacher, it’s high time you worked even more closely together. At this stage, it is vitally important, as you’ll be improving your practical skills, and even the slightest mistakes must be eradicated immediately.

What Future Has to Offer to Someone Python Savvy

Why is it so important to learn Python, and what advantages does it offer? Well, it depends on the path you chose in programming, and that’s another important issue, and it has to be thought-out well rather beforehand. You just have to take your pen and a sheet of paper, and write down your supposed way of achieving a certain level in programming, and that also means that you’ve got to make up your mind about which languages of programming are important to you (though, of course, that’s not the half of the story).

One of the great advantages of Python is that it can be implemented in extremely various ways: for instance, as a back-end tool it’s great, but it means that you’ll have to master CSS, HTML and Javascript for front-end first. Web development (PHP vs Python is still one hell of a Holy War) is not the only pebble on the beach, as embedded systems and system management are other typical examples of spheres, where Python can be used. So, you get a whole lot rolled into one.

Why Is It Worth It?

Why Python is worth it, and why, in general, programming is worth it, even if you come from a totally different sphere? As for Python, it is not only rather easy to understand, but as a tool, it’s much less complicated to use, as the volume of the same code written in Python is considerably less than in other programming languages.

So, it comes out as a pretty natural choice. Moreover, coming back to the comparison between programming and completely different activities in “creative” spheres, there’s so much in common, even if we take the process of translation and searching for the right word at first, then inserting it into something of a sentence-long…. You see, the mechanism and sometimes even feelings coming out of it can be compared. So, go ahead, and remember: God used C++ to create the Universe, and He liked it! As for you, start with Python, and you’ll like it as well!

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