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Job Security or Satisfaction: What Is Better?

Working at Office

After graduation from college, young people usually encounter the issue of looking for a job and do not know which vacancy to choose among thousands of others. Of course, even for adults, this problem is not easy to solve. Students also have to decide what they need to find: a company, which offers job security or a kind of work from which you will get satisfaction. This is a controversial question and no one knows which variant is better for sure. Probably, it mostly depends on the person’s temper and abilities. However, we are aware of the fact that most of the young people are looking for a perspective and a well-paid job. If they make the right choice, they will achieve such a dream. However, nearly 70% of teenagers would rather choose a stable job without any passion. Unfortunately, in this case, they will suffer from adverse working conditions for the whole life. We want you to make a correct decision for yourself and that is why we compiled some useful tips and hints in this article.

Stable Income

Maybe, the biggest advantage of having a stable job is the guarantee of regular payment. You will not have to worry whether you will earn some dollars the next month or not. Sometimes, young people have a large income once a year and then have to search for money after several months. For example, this is what happens with amateur actors, who may get the payment for one film, but fail all the next castings and stay with nothing in their pockets. Surely, for many students having a regular, but low salary is better, than getting unstable payment. Nevertheless, if you are ready to take risks and struggle with an empty purse from time to time, you should choose a work, which brings satisfaction and fun to you.

Enjoy Things You Do

Writing Fiction Novel

On the other hand, people, who prefer to have job security, sometimes suffer from low salary or bad work conditions. Usually, they bury themselves in the papers and spend the whole day in a crowded office. In addition, there may be an angry boss, who always shouts and screams at employees without any reason. Of course, it is impossible to get pleasure from a boring and stressful job. You will only develop depression because of being stuck in a rut.

Pension Scheme

This may seem not related to college graduates, but this is an essential part of a job search as well. Of course, you probably do not think about pension schemes in your future company while writing your college essay. However, this point plays a great role for many young people, who decide to get a stable job. Without doubts, it will be hard to provide a calm senior life without such incentives at your workplace. In case of an unstable job, you can expect to earn a lot of money and save some for the rest of your life, when it may be truly hard to work. To save more time for earning money, follow

Improvement of Mental Health

It is true that if a person does the things, which he or she enjoys, the life will be much more pleasant and easier. On the other hand, in case of boring work, an employee will suffer from anxiety and stress. It leads to serious health problems and conflicts with people around you. Every single system in your body suffers, when you work without passion: immune system, nerves, ability to concentrate and so on. It was proved by a research that job satisfaction is a guarantee of the happiness in human life. Happy employees work more productively and efficiently. They do not get stuck in one place and use their creative thinking at their workplace.


Person Driving Car

Of course, most of the common stable jobs do not offer a flexible schedule. You will have to work a nine-to-five working day. For some people it is normal, but for others, it seems to be a nightmare. If you prefer to work at the time you have an inspiration or just a good mood, you should choose a flexi-time workplace and get pleasure from the things you do. It is true that when a young person urges himself to do something, there will be lower productivity and effectiveness. The big part of the satisfaction you get from work depends on whether you have a nice mood. If you drive to your office every morning and wait until the evening, you have to change something in your life.

All in all, it is still a very difficult question what is better: stability or satisfaction. Our team prefers the second variant, as it makes a person happier and pleased with his or her life. It demonstrates the sense of a great saying: “We work to live, but not live to work.” Sure, sometimes you may suffer from the lack of money and after several months you will get a big sum of money. Taking risks and not being stuck behind a desk open up a lot of perspectives for you. You will probably not get them in case of a routine and dead-end job. We hope that our tips and hints will be useful for you and help you make the correct decision.

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