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The Procedure of Applying for an Internship in a Foreign Country

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Have you always dreamt of working in a foreign company? Does the phrase “I’ve got an internship in … (name of the country) makes you envy and eager to start researching the Internet? Are you a student of the last years of study who strives to get their first precious experience? Then you are on the right page because here with our paper writing service you will discover the secret of applying for an internship to start acting today!

The internships that were not so crucial part of obtaining a degree have turned out to be compulsory for some if not all specializations today. Alright, maybe a bit of prestige is also presented here. And it is self-understanding: a person with a degree and work experience is more likely to be hired faster than a freshman with a diploma and no experience at all. Is it fair?

Well, of course it is unpleasant but it makes students work even harder except for study and is by the way a good distraction as well as a possibility to spend a few months in some other environment and get a precious knowledge like team work, employer-employee relations and problem solving when deadlines come.

Are you ready to dive into the ocean of studying job opportunities? Let’s get it started then!

Internships Types

As a student, you probably know that all possibilities to work during the study process are various. We would like to elucidate the main ones, which differ not only by the financial support but also according to an area of interest:

  • Volunteering internships. Those kinds of internships are mostly unpaid and not always of the area of your specialization. However, they do take place here because of your personal interest in a project. Teaching English in developing countries? Helping out with circus? Being a service staff on a yacht? Choose your option and have fun!
  • Mandatory internships. Those are of the main duty when you are enrolled in a course (or before the course in order to become admitted) that require a semester or two of practical study;
  • Paid internships. Some companies will pay you a compensation which is not that high as a salary however is quite enough to live as a student. Such internships have nothing to do with your college or university and you will have to deal with your studying while working issues on your own;
  • Unpaid internships. We cannot tell you whether unpaid jobs are worse or better than others. Why do they take place? Some people consider a professional experience much more important that financial compensation so it is up to you which option to choose. But, believe us, when you fund your perfectly fitting internship, you will agree for any offer.

Find Your Internship

There are dozens of web resources (and this number grows all the time) that collect available internships, classify them foe categories like age, degree, fees, country, required skills so that you will have more chances to find one specially for you. Additionally, you can apply direct to the desirable company after having tracked that they search for a person on an intern position and try out your luck.

To search for a job to do one has to know their abilities at first, not saying about knowing their desirable position. Of course, such thing is not obligatory, nevertheless you need to have a clear image of what field you are going to work in and what skills are needed for it.

There are a few options that may direct you to the internship of your dream.

  1. Ask your university. That’s right, you merely head to an international relations department and ask them whether there are any internships that fit your specialization. The specialists are to check it for you and tell you the results. Do not rely on this option, as you know all work you need to do must be done by yourself.
  2. Choose a company so that they choose you. Do a decent research to investigate the company, find out if there are any open positions and offer them yourself. If they like you there are chances you will not have to proceed with the third option. But... just in case, read the next one.
  3. Find websites offering internships and upload your documents there in order for employers to find you. Those can be: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google,,, Youtern, Idealist, Coolworks and many others. Do not be desperate if your wishes do not meet the employers’ expectations, keep searching and you will catch the luck.

Applying Procedure


Once having chosen the position of an intern in a notable company it is high time preparing the necessary documents. A standard package of every honorable student who aims to hit the road every minute is:

  • a personalized cover letter composed separately to a specific company;
  • a clear and compelling CV paper;
  • evidence of schooling and studies;
  • work references (including volunteering projects);
  • any honors, publications, grants;
  • any letters of recommendation (former employer, professor of your department, a head of an organization).

As you see, these documents require permanent update so do not forget to insert any changes that occur in your professional life to be more competitive on an internship job market.


If you have overcome the waiting period and got the winning letter – congratulations! However, it is only a half of the road. Now, even more than before, you have to concentrate harder on what is to be said, what is expected by an employer. Think of the main points:

Why do I want to work exactly at that company?

What do I expect to achieve after the internship period?

What can I contribute into the company?

If your answers are clear and genuine and match the requirements you will definitely be appreciated, just do not be nervous, the interviewers are also people and everything will be fine.

A Perfect Internship, What Is It?

Perfect Line

Employer’s Requirements is always a challenge. It is a challenge with other probable interns as well as a challenge with yourself yesterday and today. But it surely makes you work harder on your skills and achieve more heights as a result.

A perfect internship should:

  • Be challenging. If you get a boring and stable job you will more likely stand at one point and stagnate. Avoid such offers;
  • Give freedom. Doing only what is told will never bring anything but decrease in your creativity skills. Fortunately, more and more internships require students to be more initiative in their positions;
  • Have appropriate duration. A good internship usually lasts not more than 3-4 months in order to not skip classes for long and have a sufficient amount of time to complete the project and get desirable skills. If it lasts for more than 6 months it should be paid enough for you to live on it for a long time.

The opportunities are everywhere, just have some confidence in yourself and try them out. Do not be afraid to be rejected, for 10 cancelled positions you may find the perfect one that will pick you up and provide you with that valuable experience you were striving for.

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