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Insightful Paper: Make Your Reader Think

Light Bulb

Are you tired of writing meaningless school essays or focusing on uninteresting details in your work? Many students often feel like they are spending a lot of time in vain during college. Sure, they can choose their majors and the classes they attend, but the curriculum often turns out to be not as exciting as they thought it would be. Or, sometimes, the professor assigns papers just for the sake of assigning. When you feel like you cannot put to use your true wisdom or when you are feeling stuck with your task, there might be a way to feel productive and unique again. Learn more at

Reasons Why It Is Important

A lot of students think that studying is done only to achieve a certain grade. Such an attitude harms their progress and makes the years spend in college a waste of time. Sure, grades are important overall, but your skills and knowledge are the things you enroll into college for, and developing them comes from doing thoughtful work. Here are a few reasons to write an insightful essay.

Sharing Thoughts

Sharing Presents

If you look at the development of any scientific thought, you will not find a single person who discovered everything on their own. Reaching a scientific conclusion is a process that involves a sequence of people opening up door after door in a long corridor until they reach the light. That is why your essay could be important and thought-provoking to someone else! Even if it does not bring any scientifically new ideas, it will certainly arise some worthy thoughts and influence your reader. Wouldn’t it feel great to share the beacon of light?


Compare two types of studying: your professor tells you about Christopher Columbus and your professor assigns you to write a paper on Christopher Columbus. Which type of work will bring you the most knowledge? You may argue that it depends on your cognitive abilities, but actually it will be the second variant in most of the cases. While doing your own research you will concentrate more efforts, research for the information yourself, find out the important parts, and absorb more knowledge. That is why it is significant to write an insightful work, if not for others, then for yourself.

Gaining Knowledge

Now that we have compared the passive and the active types of learning, compare the following: you are to write a paper on Christopher Columbus for a passing grade and you are to make a presentation for the whole class on Christopher Columbus. Which one will bring you better knowledge? Most likely, it is the second one. We are often afraid to look stupid in front of others, so if you were assigned a presentation, you would certainly concentrate more on your material and gain a lot more knowledge in the process. That is exactly the reason why you need to concentrate on the insightfulness of your work.

How to Write It

So what are the tricks that can help you achieve an excellent piece of writing that will be appropriate to share with others, thought-provoking and gain you a lot of knowledge? You can use different approaches, but here are some that might work for you. Here are, for example, some tricks on how to get started. Check them out before starting on your masterpiece.

Read and Compose

Read more and compose with your brain. All the processes of creation cannot come from nothing, and that is why your composition of an essay is also a fruit of your thoroughly done reading. The more you read, the more ideas you will be able share. However, it is crucially important to analyze and structure your ideas in the appropriate way. Make some order in your thoughts, draw a diagram or a table before beginning to write your paper and you will be able to compose a more insightful work.

Ask Questions

Question Mark

Without questions there is no progress. Ask yourself what are the connections between the different events you are writing about, the timetable, their reasons and consequences. If everything is perfectly clear and there is no new information arising from posing such questions, there are always “what if” questions to brighten your day. What if this never happened? What if something else happened instead? Fantasize, and you will achieve great result.

Be Accessible

This piece of advice does not mean that you have to simplify your ideas. Instead, do not overcomplicate your paper with difficult terminology or purposefully scientifically oriented deep words that will make you sound smart. Use simple words to explain complex content and more readers will be able to get you. When you write orienting yourself on this point, imagine that you need to explain a concept to your niece or to grandma. What words would you use to paint the picture simply and clearly? If you are ready for such a challenge, get to work now!

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