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The Power of Human Persuasion

 Convincing a Person

Mastering the art of persuading a person in what you want is a truly useful and complicated thing to do. Some people are born to this skill and do not even realize how they do it, others need to learn some techniques to figure out how it works but the truth is: all human behaviors are being ruled by the psychological instincts and a successful understanding of their processes opens the door to placing yourself on a higher range of society. We will not reinvent the wheel as everything is known or can be experienced in life but to make things go faster, remember these easy hints on making people be more likely to do what you want.

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Feeling the Person's Mood

There are two types of approach towards people in this situation: either you know them well or you just met them. Naturally, the first case is way simpler as you have a link and you know the person. That means, you know when they are in good mood and what is the best way to make them feel good.

Another case is when having to deal with a new acquaintance. Here a special approach takes place. First of all, it is talking about them. When a person talks with others about themselves they are more likely to have trust in that person, as a result, they feel safer. It may take some time but the outcome is worth it.

Acting Wisely

Do have a precise plan of your project of persuasion. You may explain it in detail to the person you want to convince and draft a potential result they will get when agreeing to you. Be consistent and bold in your words and actions. Be friendly and open-minded. Show some respect towards their opinions and way of acting. Always thank everybody for help. Those are just simple actions you always have to remember.

Mastering Body Language and Voice Peculiarities

It does not only matter what you speak but also how you speak and act in front of people. One and the same speech can have different results when being conducted differently.


What is an image of a persuasive person? Surely, it is a highly motivated, confident, open-minded person who acts very naturally and self-assured. How to achieve this? Well, first of all, stand still, put your hands out of pockets and do not poke your head. Slouching is strictly prohibited when trying to make people do what you want. "Follow the leader" as you might know.


A well-moderated, tending to lower-pitched voice is considered to be more convincing in general. Do not scream around if someone disagrees with your opinion. Lots of words with negative particles can also do bad for your persuasive speech. Have a good tempo. That is a tempo of people who know what they are talking about: it is fast and confident, without pitch fluctuations or bumbling.

Main Techniques That Work

Happy Person
  • Meet their needs. The pyramid of Maslow may be in aid for this one. The point is, once people realize their desires go along with what you offer, they are more likely to be persuaded;
  • Point on other notable people as an example. Sometimes an instinct of crowds works better than anything else. "If the most popular girl in school has joined that club, I should do that too". This speaks of credibility;
  • Give a praise to them. If a person looks or does something good that day, flatter them a little, there is nothing bad in it. The most important here is not to sound fake or overdo with flattering, otherwise there will be no use in doing it as they will feel odd when hearing it constantly. Also, give them a small present. All people like presents and they will be pleasantly surprised;
  • Do not be afraid to repeat your question. Most people give up in convincing someone after one try. They feel ashamed of a failure or just think it is the end of the game. However, sometimes another try is exactly what is needed for a positive response. The question does not have to be the same and not necessarily repeated right after the first one. But with a wisely taken pause and a well-formulated ask for a favor you might have a planned success;
  • Yes, yes...yes! The studies have shown that when a person answers affirmatively to a range of questions they are very likely to answer it positively to the others:
    • Do you like the weather today?
    • Yes.
    • Want to go shopping?
    • Yes, of course.
    • Can I borrow your jacket?
    • ...
  • Be attentive. Sometimes you do not need to dig deep to see what a person needs to take your point of view. If you notice them willing to argue against your thoughts but having no ideas how to do it, do not let them feel like they have lost. Kindly ask them to support you in your ideas, mentioning that their opinion is very important to you and the battle is won;
  • Have a positive attitude. People tend to be more open with cheerful and happy persons so a good mood and ability to make person laugh can really work wonders;
  • Make them feel valuable. Ask for their opinion in different issues, after that ask them for a favor to do, the feeling they will have is something common to protective one as they will feel obliged to do something for you;
  • Do them a favor. Very easy and efficient one. Help them and they will feel in debt for helping you too. Here the famous golden rule applies very well "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself";
  • Say it straightly. Instead of beating around the bush you better say it straightforward and then the person will know what you really want.

The most important tip is just to be natural. If you are sincere with your intentions, your natural charisma will do its work. As we always know how to create that connection between us and earn respect as well as positive reputation from other people. If you liked this article, stay updated with our online essays!

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