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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Homesickness Quickly


No matter, where, 50 miles away from your home town or across the ocean – homesickness is a state of a soul, which shows your exceptional connection to the place of your childhood. Nostalgia for your home is natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, as the time has come, it is time you learned how to live on your own and, what is even more important – enjoy it!

Those, who were visiting relatives for a couple of times and stayed away from their homes, especially away from their beloved bed – they know this irresistible desire to get back to the “normal” surroundings. Also, there are people who feel very good everywhere they happen to be and don’t find it so hard to move out of their home. Though, even the strongest and most independent personalities must admit that the difference between a home place and a new place can be perceived. You just look for something familiar as you are much more comfortable with it. But why? Let’s find out at!

What Is Homesickness?


First of all, it is a disease. It is an uncontrollable emotion of losing something very important when being in a new place that hinders you from enjoying your new experience fully.

What is home? It is your parents, your siblings, pets, favorite pillow, backyard with childhood memories, landscape of your home country and so on. As you see, the reasons to shed a tear are unlimited. Everything that has been surrounded by you since childhood and all unforgettable moments, perceptions and scents can be considered as your home, and you feel a loss for it. Every person misses things they got used to see every day and now have to leave. But it is a part of our adolescence, we grow up knowing that exploring new things is imposing without leaving others.

What Are the Real Causes for It?

  • You are insecure. Actually, you feel insecure which is not always like that. You feel like the world you are living in, is somehow unknown to you and you cannot fit in here. You also have an irresistible desire to go back and leave everything behind instead of trying to build a new life at a brand-new place;
  • You feel lack of love and attention form people. Naturally, if you are a freshman, the chances to get lots of friends or just any friends right away are very small. But also for lots of people it is very hard to warm up to someone new and still unknown, until they get to know them closer;
  • You are unexperienced in living on your own. Naturally, if you have never tried to live away from your home place, you are going to miss mom cooking you breakfast and close friends sitting in your room. Everything that was near you will become far away and you will have to deal with lots of struggles on your own from now on;
  • Culture shock can also be a trigger for feeling home sick. The differences you experience when moving to another country may be truly extravagant and evoke a feeling of estranging from everything happening around you at the moment.

How to Beat the Feeling of Homesickness?


There is no need to sorrow for what is far away from you. The little changes begin inside you and only you will be able to make them grow bigger.

Start seeing new possibilities. Instead of crying for not being able to lie on your favorite sofa just look around and see how many new opportunities to catch you have got! Most of them would be never possible if you didn’t move so enjoy them while they are still available!

  1. Engage in different activities not to get bored and let depression catch you. Sports competition, cheerleading, art classes, theater, math classes and lots of other chances to get occupied are waiting for you!
  2. Make your new place another “home” to come back from work. Decorate your room with nice and pleasant miscellaneous details or bring new plants to grow. The main purpose of this tip is to make your new home comfortable for you to return to and spend evenings at.
  3. Do not forget about your roots. At the time of highly developed technologies and lots of ways of video or phone communication there is no excuse for not being able to call your parents. Besides, who has ever refused to get postcards and handwritten letters? It is always a nice reminder of your eternal love to your home.
  4. Allow yourself to take a break and miss your home as it is absolutely normal to sense homesickness! Do not keep everything in yourself, tell your friends about missing them, let two worlds collide and invite them to visit you at a new place or just ask them to send you some things that will remind you of your old home.
  5. Become comfortable with where you are at this very moment as well as with yourself. “Your home is where you are” – a proverb to precisely indicate the inner state of a person who will never be upset of being separated from familiar surroundings. Also, realize that you will never lose your home no matter what as it will always be in your heart.

To sum up, cheer up and never think you are alone in being home sick but enjoy your new period of life!

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