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Happy Holidays Alone: Is It Real? Part 2

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We continue to talk about the benefits of being alone on vacation. Instead of poring over the assignments, you can entrust them to the specialists from and go on a journey.

Traveling Alone During the Holidays

If you did not find a companion, or simply because you chose to spend time without your friends and family, it is time to be with the person you love most – yourself. Traveling alone is becoming more and more popular, and now travel agencies offer many destinations and tours for single tourists. Some of these travelers want to live really alone or have the opportunity to meet other people during their holidays and make new friends on this occasion.

What to Do Alone in the City?

The majority of travelers take the time to discover museums, restaurants or the nightlife of the city. When you are alone to discover a city, you can easily move on foot or by public transport. This is an opportunity to get closer to the inhabitants, especially not in the busiest seasons. For example, if you decide to spend a few days of vacation in Venice in winter, you can be sure that the attitude of the Venetians will be different towards you. You can get a little scared the first time you travel alone, yet it is the best way to spend your free time because you have a great feeling of freedom.

You still do not understand what benefit you can have from this feeling. However, it is obvious. First of all, remember what major inconveniences you encounter when traveling with a friend or, God forbid, a big company. Of course, you have to compromise every time you agree to go somewhere or do something. You want to go to a museum, and your friends want to go to a bar. Or vice versa. Each of you has to tread on the neck to your will and adjust to the other. Or, in the long run, you simply hive off and go to different places, which is analogous to a single trip. But when you are all alone, you are freed from all these problems.

Traveling Alone for Sports or Discoveries

Whether you want to go diving on the shores of the Red Sea or have a trek in Kenya or Tanzania to discover wildlife, or a cruise on a sailboat, you will share a tent or cabin with another participant, so it is a great opportunity to make new friends. There is also a popular trend that attracts both girls and boys – sports training camps. If you choose to stay in a sports camp, there is a chance that everything is included in the package (sports, meals, entertainment, etc.). You also have an opportunity to meet those who interest you and who can become your friends.

Tourism and Local Population

Take advantage of traveling alone to another country to learn a language or improve your knowledge. Traveling alone allows you to immerse yourself in a country and learn another culture and another language by being in contact with the locals or simply the staff of the hotel. The locals can also recommend you the places to visit or to avoid. Communicating with them can easily become the most interesting part of your trip.

Holiday on a Farm

If you want to give some important meaning to your holidays alone, you can also direct yourself towards staying in another country to help people. Participating in volunteering programs around the world, or simply participating in work on a farm, you will meet other volunteers, and also make new friends.

You Are Not Alone

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If you feel lonely in a foreign country, do not forget that other people may experience the same, too, maybe even for the similar reason that you do, and they are not very far from you. So, do not hesitate to engage in a conversation with them. You can find some interesting people to spend time with even on Instagram, it is even better to find such people while you are still at home and plan your time together. People who live there for a long time can show you some places and tell some secrets that will make your trip unforgettable. And who knows, maybe on the next holidays, this person will come to your city to discover some secret places, so it can turn into an amazing friendship.

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