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Happy Holidays Alone: Is It Real? Part 1

Girl Having Fun Alone

Being alone for the holidays is often a challenge for many people in our society. For the majority of us, the holidays evoke images of a family, friendship, and communicating with people. So, having no one to spend your holidays with can make the feeling of loneliness even more painful. We recommend you to be positive though, and consider that these vacations alone are a gift for you that makes your time even better.

Spend Your Time in the Garden

Beautiful Garden

If you have a balcony, terrace or a garden, on sunny days, imagine that you are at the beach, let your skin enjoy the sun rays. It is good to relax this way, and it will allow you to be as sun-tanned as your friends when they get home from their holidays later. Another option: take a book, your laptop or tablet with you, and sit outside in a park or a public garden. The smell of grass and flowers around you will carry you far from your everyday routine. You can even try to write something poetic at this moment. And academic tasks can be entrusted to the specialists from

Personal Spa

This option is rather for girls, but do not forget that boys need some skin care, too. As you are alone at home, why not turn your apartment into a personal spa for some time? In bathrobe and slippers, apply a natural mask: nobody is here to watch you, so you will not be embarrassed by placing slices of cucumbers on your eyes. You can even light aromatic candles and listen to some music that will help you relax. At the end of the day, you will feel so relaxed that you will forget that you were alone during these moments.


Scrapbooking Examples

Another option to spend your time for good is making scrapbooking with your photos. We rarely realize the speed with which time and life pass, except when we go back to look at all the things we have experienced. By making an album of the moments that you spent with your family or friends, instead of feeling isolated during these holidays, you will focus on all the good things that have happened to you in your life.

Volunteering During the Holidays

Volunteering Programs

To have fun and get useful experience during your holidays, join a volunteer association, offering your time and helping other people who do not even think about going on vacation because they do not have the possibility.

Helping others will allow you to look at the world around from a new angle. This will also help you avoid loneliness. You will think more about others than about yourself and your feelings. Many associations lack help during the holidays, so do not hesitate to give them a helping hand, for example, work in animal shelters, help for the homeless, spend some time with the elderly people, or organize a cultural event. Your action will be beneficial for those you have helped and for you as well. You probably do not know how much you can enrich your life, as well as the one of another person, just by giving a part of your time to.

Read the continuation of the article in the second part and do not forget that the essay help is always available both during the studies and on vacation.

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