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Prepare for Exams in Study Group. Part 2

Students and Teacher

Should You Choose People with Whom You Get Along Well?

You can choose friends you trust, of course, but in fact, there are no rules: it is not because you all agree that you will work well together, sometimes students have no choice, it is the teacher who organizes the group. Often, he/she wants to promote diversity: between boys and girls, Americans and foreigners, or between students from different programs. This might be a real opportunity to finally get to know each other. Sometimes students have a negative idea of group work because of some negative past experience, but there are many examples of success stories. There may also be an antipathy between two members of your group. However, you must find a way that to solve this in order to move forward effectively. This is the type of the situation where you can ask your teacher to assist.

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Learn to Overcome Difficulties

You should learn to work with others and go beyond personal feelings, this is also useful for life. And if one of the groupmates simply does not work? From the beginning, before you start working, you have to think about clarifying the rules: explain what is expected from each participant and insist on commitments. Very often, the final grade for the project is common, so the group members are dependent on each other. You have to remind this student that his/her lack of work will be harmful to others.  

 Do Not Hesitate to Ask for Help

The teacher is really there to help the group to move forward. He/she should be seen as a guide, not a judge. In the case of a student who is not working, the teacher may, for example, attend a group meeting and help to choose a right direction. He/she can take an interest in the student's work, make sure to put it forward and motivate them further. More generally, do not be surprised when facing the difficulties. In group work, after the launch phase, there is a time of dissatisfaction or blockage which has nothing to do with the students’ abilities. You should just ask for outside help to prevent this phase from going on too long, otherwise, you will probably not get any satisfactory results.

Next Step

Generally, after this phase, the group starts to have ideas, work begins and everyone is motivated. Then, we come to the production phase when everyone participates and is proud of the final results. Often students are even amazed by what they have been able to do or solve together. They discover the power of group work, it cheers them up: this experience is useful, and the result is very satisfactory! It will be even more satisfactory if you order your academic work on

Group Work Is Useful for Your Future Career

Career Ladder

Having a good experience of group work is a huge asset for young graduates developing their future career, especially in business. This allows to acquire management and organization skills, develop listening and communicative skills, etc. Moreover, employers appreciate references to this experience in CV, it must be highlighted. This is why more and more schools are giving a lot of space to group work, for example by having students work on real projects initiated by them. If your institution does not offer one, we strongly advise you to form a group by yourself, or to conduct a student project, prepare for another exam or work on your classes.

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