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Prepare for Exams in Study Group. Part 1

Group of Students

It is popular for students to work in groups, complete a project or prepare for exams together. This is not a fashion trend but a real educational advance. Many studies have shown an interest in involving the group in education. For a student, it is effective and profitable in many ways: it increases motivation, develops critical thinking, helps to deepen learning and develops many skills. For example, it is a way of learning to listen and develop empathy and flexibility, and discover how to work successfully in a team. It can also change the student's relationship with their teacher who, by fulfilling their role as a "caring" tutor of the group, establishes good relationships with the students. Your relationship will be even better if you always finish your college essay on time.

How to Succeed in Group Work?

You should explore and implement all the methods that make learning participatory, effective and motivating. There are conditions for this kind of work to have good results. Firstly, you should define a collective goal, and present it well to the group so that everyone can join in. The objective must be collective: it is not something a student could achieve alone. And then, to organize a group, it is necessary to have interactions between the members, a schedule of study sessions, and progress points. They should be enough to create dynamics, but not too much, in order not to take a lot of time; there is a balance to be found: if there are too few interactions, it causes apathy, but if there are too many of them, the group cannot spend time effectively.

Difficulties You May Face

Student Stressed

As a general rule, it is better for the study group not to include more than 5-6 students. If there are more of them, group management becomes harder: it is difficult to meet, find convenient time and place, etc. In other cases, it does not work because the goal is poorly defined, students do not understand what is expected, so it must then be clarified. Or, the group lacks interactions, you do not meet often enough and do not have any energy to move forward.

What to Do to Achieve Your Goals?

Do not be afraid of spending time in the process of building the group. For example, in the beginning, you can spend a whole session together defining the operating rules: presenting the collective goal of work, giving the timetable of the meetings, establishing the principles so that everyone can express themselves without feeling judged, etc. It is also advisable to give everyone a specific role. By the way, the writers from know their role perfectly and are always ready to help if you have problems or issues of academic nature.

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