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Gadgets and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

It is amazing how many people you can reach with only one click. You can find the upperclassmen online, and ask them tips about studying. You can poke your groupmates and enjoy updates from the inside about your marks, tasks or class schedules. Nowadays, it is even possible to find your professors on Facebook and become friends. Some may frown upon online conversations, but the truth is that they are faster, cheaper and sometimes even more effective than face-to-face ones, when you are in need of quick information that you can reread later!


Filter Information

The problem of gadget addiction comes, in most part, from our inability to manage such huge amounts of information as the internet has the potential to provide. We end up sucked in in a vortex of funny pictures and cat videos, read pages-long complaint stories of our distant relatives in social networks or dive in the news about celebrities. Thankfully, the Internet took care of this problem, too: you can choose what to see with a few clicks that restrict your view. Actually holding up your end of the deal depends on you. Whenever you feel like you are back to the old habits of wasting time, remember that you could use this time to learn something useful.

Educational Games

Perhaps, the thing that takes up the most time is video games. The truth is, they are designed especially for you to become so addicted to your phone that you cannot hold a normal dinner conversation without checking if you have received a prize or playing a few rounds. The best way to deal with this problem is embrace it. There are hundreds of amazing educational games for you to discover. Be it vocabulary drills, memory training games, history quizzes or math formulas, anyone can find their personal trainer in a game. Use your commuting time to learn a few French phrases, you never know how or when will they become useful!

word games


If you acknowledge your problem, fight it with the same means. Using your gadget, organize your studying process. Make lists of tasks you need to do on your tablet, and check them as you go along. Save useful links in your bookmarks. Send yourself countless notifications with your plans for the day. If your phone starts to remind you every half an hour that you have a biology test the next day, you will soon stop procrastinating. You may even feel grateful, having reminded yourself when the paper is due, or which website you could use to order it.

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