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Forces Concentration. The Main Rules


Regardless of season students are prone to attacks of lethargy and apathy. The level of fatigue increases with the approach of the end of the academic year. However, we do not need lethargy now. We need to concentrate our forces. How to do it? Let us talk about this below.

Before you change anything in your life, you must first understand where you are now. Roughly speaking, you need to understand what you are doing in everyday life in order to cut off all unnecessary to achieve your life goals.

Constructive and Non-Constructive Occupations

If to speak in the short-term period (a week or two), then it will be very problematic for you to find additional internal capacities thanks to which you could solve all your problem situations. You need more time in order for you to have an "internal flame motor". But we do not have time, as usual. Everything needs to be done today, or even yesterday.

Accordingly, since we cannot adjust ourselves to work with redoubled energy in a short time, it is necessary to operate (or control) the energy that we have at the moment (or its similarity that remains to the end of the year).

Therefore, in order to free up more time for priority tasks that require immediate regulation, it is necessary to abandon the remaining cases (non-constructive occupations), which, in fact, are just "garbage" that stuck to you in the process of your student activity at the university Check the following rules prepared by our authors at

The Rules

  • 1. Define the Purpose of the Activity

    In order to understand how you should spend your energy, you need to set a goal. The goal will be your guiding star that will lead you through all obstacles, and you will achieve the desired result in the end.

    What can be the goals? Very different, depending on the nature of your problems. Someone's goals can be focused on learning, and goals can also be oriented toward personal life. This may be an external goal related to future expectations and plans.

    Students are also people, and therefore, in addition to purely educational matters, they also live in a world, where they also have to solve a wide variety of tasks. However, all the same, this article is aimed, first of all, on the educational process, and we will continue to focus on student affairs.

  • 2. List All Your Affairs on a Piece of Paper


    In connection with the aforesaid, further, it is necessary to be defined with what you are now engaged in. Directly take and write out everything that you do for a week (bypassing social activities, not brushing your teeth in the morning and other life-support activities).

    In the end, if you honestly write out everything that you do, then you get an impressive list of 20-50 cases. The number of cases is strictly individual, depending on your involvement in public life.

  • 3. Sort the Cases by Priority

    After you have compiled a list of all your cases, you need to sort out all your affairs in order of priority, based on your goal. It will help you concentrate your forces. If you set yourself the goal to pass the session with excellent grades, accordingly, you must build all the cases directly related to study in priority tasks. If you have a different goal, respectively, you are guided by it.

    Many people ask this question: "How many groups do you need to sort out all your business?" Standard books on time management classify cases into 3 different groups (the so-called ABC model). However, taking into account the specificity of studying activities and the limited time, we would advise you to act more categorically.

    Make 2 groups – constructive and unconstructive cases. This way you will speed up the sorting process, which in turn will help you quickly move on to the next stage – scheduling time.

    With all this going on, you can also generally refuse to perform certain tasks, i.e. create a third group in the form of a "dustbin". You will put unnecessary business for you there, roughly speaking, you will throw out all the rubbish there, which you do not need to do, because business from the "dustbin" is a waste of time for you.

    After sorting cases by priority, you continue to work with 2 groups ("priority" and "non-priority" cases), but just forget about the " dustbin" group. In the end, all the same, we came to the fact that we have to create 3 groups, as it is usually advised in the books on time management. Well, let it be so, you do not mind, do you?

  • 4. Plan Your Time


    Planning is the foundation of a peaceful life. When you clearly know what and when you need to do, you have less headache about how to make it all. Therefore, the next step should be to plan all your available time in such a way that 70-80% of the time is allocated to the priority group of tasks, and 30-20% to the non-priority group.

    It is important to remember that your plan will never be 100% performed as you intended. And this is normal. The plan is never performed as it was originally designated. Then why is it needed, you ask? We answer: no matter how bad the plan is, it always helps you better navigate in any of your affairs.

    A plan is a kind of framework that helps you avoid influence from the outside world. Having a plan will level out all the impact on you, and thus, you can quickly achieve your goal without being distracted by extraneous problems.

  • 5. Bombardment Attack

    After you have done all of the above, it is time for a massive hit to all your problems. As we have said before, planning your actions, you, thereby, cut off all unnecessary, which allows you to concentrate on priority tasks.

    That is where the concentration of forces comes from. You just need to cut all the excess and concentrate on the important. In general, focusing on one thing allows you to achieve unimaginable results. When you concentrate on one problem and make every effort to solve it, it turns out that you are turning into a magnifying glass that collects all the rays of the sun (in our case all your strengths) and just burns the problem completely.

    Try to focus on one of your own problems, and you will feel all the power of concentration.

    Always believe in yourself, know that there are not insoluble problems. If now you have some difficult task in front of you, then say to yourself or aloud: "Is this a problem? Cannot I cope with such nonsense?". And then take it and solve.

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