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Essay About Food Waste: Reasons and Consequences

Garbage Bin

If you think back on your life, you probably will find out countless examples when perfectly good food was thrown in the dust bin. It could have been, because you or some members of your family were too full, were not in the mood to eat something, or something was close to its due date. There are plenty of reasons why we throw out food, but that does not make it right. If you would like a strong topic for your school essay, you have found one. Here are some reasons to write such an essay, and the specific topics that you can focus on. To get the written essay on this topic, follow

Why Write Such an Essay?

It is not the most pleasant topic, and naturally no one wants to hear it. Many people are guilty of throwing away food, so they do not want to be blamed or think about the consequences of their actions. Here are some reasons why you should, despite everything, write an essay on this topic.

Find Out More

Generally, we all know about the existence of such a problem. However, we think it does not concern us much, or it is not that grave, as magazines and online articles tend to exaggerate with the facts. In addition to that, it often happens that we have no idea how and why something happens. So, a good reason to write it, would be to find out more about this issue.

Concerned About Problem

If you are already deeply aware of the issue, by using the method of writing the essay, list your concerns about it. Our thoughts are sometimes too chaotic, and even though we would like to argue with someone and make them see our point of view, we are not sure where to begin and what arguments we should make to change their mind. Writing an essay will help you structure your thoughts and find out striking evidence.

Want to Take Action


Much of our problems come from ignorance. By writing an essay, you will be one step closer to resolving the issue. The more people get concerned about an issue, the more likely it will be to find out volunteers that will help to achieve real results. Raising awareness is often the most underrated way to take action in a protest, despite being the easiest.

Reasons for Food Waste

Here are some reasons for food waste that you can focus on in your essay. Make sure to write about them in a structured way and bring out your cohesive and logical side. Here is some further reading on the topic.

Ignorance About Issue

However horrible, a lot of problems come just from ignorance. If more people knew about the problem, its reasons and consequences, there would be less problems to deal with. Food waste is no exception. Sometimes we think that it is not that bad to throw out a pack of cheese close to the due date or a moldy loaf of bread. We do not think about the fact that there are a lot of people leaving in hunger and food insecure households.


Brands and Products

A lot of food goes wasted, because right now in developed countries there is too much produce. Just think about your favorite brand of cereal. You probably have noticed that there are at least a dozen different types of it, from the ones containing chocolate, to nuts, to fruits, to animal shapes and so on. The truth is, we do not need that much food to live, and producing it will only get it straight to the garbage bin.

Hard to Sell

Such a high quantity of different types of products is hard to sell, and that is not surprising. Even though throwing out food in single households is also a problem, the guiltiest institution in such cases is the supermarket. It is not a secret that a lot of food gets thrown away from supermarkets daily. However, no matter this fact, they constantly overstock, to make the shelves look attractive to costumers. You probably would not buy the last loaf of bread or the last carton of milk, even though there is nothing wrong with it.

Hard to Donate


So, if there is a lot of hungry households, and there is so much food on the shelves of supermarkets, why do people simply not donate this food to those in need? Supermarkets say that they would donate the food, if there was not risk of lawsuits, however, it turns out, that the donations made in good heart cannot be sued if someone falls ill because of a product. The real problem is organizing shipments and finding the resources to bring the food to the households. These are the real problems that should concern each citizen.

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